Ground Breaking in Zimbabwe and South Africa

Ground Breaking in Zimbabwe and South Africa

  • by Architecture for Humanity
  • Jun 15, 2013
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Two new projects just broke ground in Africa. After several months (or even more than a year for Edendale!) of development, the projects are finally ready to get built in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe and Edendale, South Africa. The local teams are on site, excavators are moving, and sites being cleared.

Construction should be finished this Summer - stay tuned!

The Bulawayo Football for Hope Centre , part of a larger masterplan for the city, had been hold for several months due to land tenures issues, but now has resumed.
Ofer Barpal has taken the Design Fellow torch from Kuda Mutsonziwa to transform design into reality. Grassroot Soccer will soon have a safe space to deliver its soccer-based HIV prevention education and services to the local community.

Local team looking at the site exact boundaries

Center host officially handling the drawings and the site to the contractor

And the foundations are being dug!

At the Edendale Football for Hope Centre , design fellow Preshanta Vandeyar has just moved to site from Cape Town. She will be directing the construction phase of the project based on groundwork and designs laid by Rogerio Costa and Luvuyo Mfungula.

A ground breaking ceremony was held last week and all the parties are now ready and excited to get the project built. The center host, Whizzkids United, works with the local community and the youth especially to promote gender equality, deliver HIV prevention programs and provide a comprehensive youth health service.

Ground breaking ceremony

Clearing the site