Design Open Mic: Eric Cesal and Cameron Sinclair

Design Open Mic: Eric Cesal and Cameron Sinclair

  • by Architecture for Humanity
  • Jun 19, 2013
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How do you change the world? Just go ahead and change it.

And according to Eric Cesal, director of our Disaster and Resilience Studio, it's basically that simple.

In his recent TED Talk at Piscataqua River, Eric spoke about the power and potential of design - and how the world may not view it as valuable.

Last Wednesday, June 12, Eric took HQ's questions following the lecture, discussing why (in the context of Haiti) AFH made the choice to support long term solutions over the immediate fix - and what that means. Only three years after the Haiti earthquake, one of the "tent cities" set up to house refugees has become Haiti's tenth largest city.

Eric urges us to remember that the most sustainable and resilient rebuilding options are the ones that add to a global economy, as well as addressing the needs of the users- even if they do take a little longer to set up.

"If you think about everybody in the world just getting a little bit better every day about how they treat the world, and how they interact with the world," Eric says, "then that's a world I want to live in."