Workshop, exhibition first steps in Greece and Portugal

Workshop, exhibition first steps in Greece and Portugal

  • by Architecture for Humanity
  • Jun 24, 2013
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The Athens and Lisbon chapters are both engaging urban issues this year through community-and-designer conversations.

Greece is facing a peculiar situation of urban flight that Athens Chapter hopes to short circuit. Lisbon chapter has identified holes in the urban fabric of the district of Graça, and is working with several local partners to workshop ideas that form a foundation to an appropriate design response.

From the Chapter Quarterly Spring 2013 publication

Imagine the City: Pyrgos 2013

The recent economic crisis and the general degradation of life in cities increasingly augments the wave back to the countryside bringing structural change in the relationship between city and countryside.

New balance is created and new demands arise concerning habitation and life in the Greek region. The relation of the urban - rural landscape is negotiated and combination arises as a major issue. These thoughts will be explored through the workshops and will be directly related to the social, economic and environmental impacts in the urban space of the city of Pyrgos, and the wider environment of Ilia.

The exhibition, as well as the parallel events, is organized by Architecture for Humanity Athens, based on a platform designed by Imagine the City, a collaborative interdisciplinary scheme of people and institutions which develops projects on the form, image and culture of the
greek cities.

Students, architects, urban planners and citizens of the area, are exhibiting their ideas and projects (architectural, artistic, planning) on the whole county of Ilia and challenging the locals to imagine their cities and area.

The presentation of the work will be complemented by social actions, such as lectures and forum discussions.

On a parallel level to the main exhibition, various other events took place May 16th through 25th in Pyrgos in the Amaliada area.

City Block D. Leonor of Graça, Lisbon

Lx & REACTION - Lisbon Chapter

The Lisbon chapter of Architecture for Humanity and Reaction Lx have established a partnership to bring design students from around the world to Lisbon for a 15 day workshop aimed at reviving certain areas of the district of Graça.

The workshop will serve as a catalyst for change with issues being identified and the students proposing real solutions that can be designed and carried out during the workshop. Students will create new programs, structures, urban furniture, urban art, or other interventions to activate and re-enliven these dead zones. The workshop intends to promote contact with the Lisbon community and welcoming students to use design to take a pro-active stance.

The workshop will take place August 3-18. The Chapter is still recruiting workshop leaders - positions open to Lisbon Chapter members. Deadline for applications extends to June 30.