Heartbeats Support Rebuilding in Tohoku, Japan

Heartbeats Support Rebuilding in Tohoku, Japan

  • by Architecture for Humanity
  • Jun 27, 2011
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The thud of the heartbeat could be heard over the din of the chatter. Bah-boom, bah-boom...that was the sound projected from a loudspeaker which led the artist SASAKI's spray paint can in waves across the canvas. A subject's finger was attached to a heartbeat monitor and their pulse is what inspired SASAKI's Heartbeat Drawing project - a series of hexagons on a canvas that represented thousands of heartbeats in support of rebuilding in Tohoku, Japan.

Nearly 200 people had their heartbeats drawn by SASAKI at the three-day Dwell on Design conference in Los Angeles from June 24th to 26th. The exhibit area was always surrounded by passers-by who were entranced by the sight of SASAKI drawing people's heartbeats.

All money raised from the project was donated to Architecture for Humanity's rebuilding program in Japan.

Thank you to SASAKI, Wakako Miyakuni, Abigail Stone, Michael Sylvester and My Linh Miles for working so hard to make the project a success.

Photos by Andrew Rollinger.