The London Chapter takes Clerkenwell Design Week by Storm

The London Chapter takes Clerkenwell Design Week by Storm

  • by Architecture for Humanity
  • Jun 27, 2013
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A few weeks ago, the London chapter participated in Clerkenwell Design Week, a yearly design and architecture festival that takes place in the heart of London's design district. Last year, AFH London exhibited a "Love Hut", where people could post their love notes to London - this year, they challenged themselves to showcase their work and illustrate the mission of Architecture for Humanity. Four huts embodied these aims, each with a separate theme demonstrating the spirit and ethos of the organization.

The London Chapter put together a video showing the design and construction process of the huts (a huge success at the the festival!). Check it out:

by Riccardo Cellottini

The 'Textile Hut' (0:30) (made of recycled fabrics) draped its way through a small park, encouraging visitors to come in and explore it for themselves. The 'Green Hut' (1:05) was a small edible garden, while a nearby 'Water Hut' (1:45) demonstrated to festival goers how we [mis]use water. The 'Remakery Hut' (2:20) nods to the chapter's Brixton Remakery project which repurposes a disused garage as a center for training and community projects concerning the reuse of waste materials.

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Textile Hut from the 2013 Clerkenwell Design Week, London

The Green Hut.

The Water Hut.

The Remakery Hut.