Design Open Mic: Updates on Japan Reconstruction, Football for Hope and Introducing a New Design Fellow

Design Open Mic: Updates on Japan Reconstruction, Football for Hope and Introducing a New Design Fellow

  • by Architecture for Humanity
  • Jun 30, 2011
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This week’s Design Open Mic Program on June 29th, featured three presentations including an update on our response to Japan by Hiromi Tabei, a refresh on the Football for Hope Program led by Mark Warren, and an introduction to Alma Ruiz, our newest Design Fellow, and her previous work.

Hiromi Tabei started Design Open Mic by discussing programs to reinvigorate the community of Motoyoshi, Japan. One of the main areas of focus was Hikado Market, which was badly damaged by the tsunami. The goal of the project is to recreate a “community center” for the neighborhood displaced by the tsunami.

One interesting aspect of the project involves utilizing materials from damaged buildings in conjunction with the company "Haizai Live" and the consent of the building owners to construct the new market place. The project also includes building a soccer field for the children of Motoyoshi whose schoolyards are being occupied by temporary shelters. This project essentially aims at recreating a sense of normalcy in the area for those affected by the tsunami.

Mark Warren followed with an update on the Football for Hope Program. The project was outlined in three phases. Phase One began with construction in Khayelitsha South Africa in 2008 and was followed by three other centers in Kenya, Namibia, and Mali. Mark described Football for Hope Centers as areas primarily built in urban areas that offer a football field and an attached center that provide a meeting place, health facility and education facilities. Phase Two, which is wrapping up this July, was started by a football field in Lesotho and followed by FFH Rwanda, FFH Ghana, and three centers in South Africa. Finally, Phase Three is defined by its more rapid-paced schedule, and includes the construction of ten additional centers to be completed by July 31, 2013.

Alma Ruiz then led a presentation demonstrating her previous experience in social work, which included research projects in Mexico City, Dubai, and Cape Town. Her most current work in Cape Town researched the growth and identity of South Africa most notably urban centers. Her research of Africa also revealed demographics concerning everyday lives in the “slums”.

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