On the Streets of Addis Ababa with Matt Hughes

On the Streets of Addis Ababa with Matt Hughes

  • by Architecture for Humanity
  • Jul 11, 2013
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The site. "Chaka Meda" means "forest area," though you'll be hard pressed to find any groves here.

The proposed site is in the middle of a densely settled neighborhood. Even without a field or a center, many residents already use the field for sports...and other activities.

Preliminary site analysis & site plan, from the Design Statement

Design considerations:

• Urban Site in low income Area;
• Security - guard, walls, site lighting, entry gate;
• Visual appeal from street;
• Community approach and usage;
• Pitch relationship to centre building and from entry (sequence);
• Solar and Wind orientation (pitch orientation);
• Existing Community movement through site and impact of project;
• Provision of ‘alternative’ playing area to pitch (forecourt);
• Inclusion of existing StB ‘Dojo”;
• Provision for Spectators on event days.
• Conservation of Site Area (permission received for G+1 or two story building);
• Public use of site and semi-private use of site;
• BOH functions and separate entry for services;
• Relationship to Pitch - visual and physical;
• Organisation of Building use - change rooms, staff rooms, classrooms, offices;
• Environmental (heating and cooling + materials & orientation);
• Way-finding and approach;
• Security.

Concept sketches for passive cooling system

After further development, Matt assembled a Schematic Design and drafted a design statement incorporating his initial conclusions for the center and the site.

The building is proposed as two story (G+1) to reduce its footprint and make the building visible from outside the site. Entry is made via a ground level foyer, open to show the stairs for easy navigation upstairs, and to provide a double height welcoming space where participants can easily navigate to either the change rooms or classrooms upstairs. Clay brick cladding identifies the staff and management side of the building. The Staff room is located to the right of the entry giving good oversight of the ground level. The clinic is located to the left in the entry space and the area in front of the clinic provides some seating and notice board function.

"The Football for Hope centre will be like nothing these boys have ever had before. It will give them a sense of self worth, pride and honour... and shows that in some small way the world cares about them, cares abut them enough to donate this facility so they can make a change in their lives."

With the help of AFH, FIFA, and Streetfootballworld, Matt is proud to say:

"We will build it for them."