Civic art in Haiti's schools: RFQ launches

Civic art in Haiti's schools: RFQ launches

  • by Architecture for Humanity
  • Jul 12, 2011
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Haiti is a land of incredibly rich culture and art which has survived time, adversity and the devastating 2010 earthquake. Architecture for Humanity is seeking to feature the work of local Haitian artists through a civic arts program called Civic Art In Haitian Schools.

The Request for Qualifications is soliciting submittals from within the Haitian art community for a program taking the form of "cultural acupuncture." Artists will be awarded a small grant to design, coordinate and execute custom installations for schools that are part of Architecture for Humanity's Haiti School Initiative. More information and an application form are available on the Haiti Civic Art page (en français, aussi).

The RFQ, which launched in early July, will be collecting applicants through August, whereupon nominations will be announced and awards distributed to aim for completed works for the close of 2011.

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