Haiti Team Charrettes with Good Shepherd School in Pele

Haiti Team Charrettes with Good Shepherd School in Pele

  • by Architecture for Humanity
  • Jul 14, 2010
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Several members of the Haiti team revisited Good Shepherd, a small community school near Cité Soleil, on Monday to present schematic designs and charrette with several teachers, the school director and members of the Child Sponsorship Program.

The Team presented preliminary designs for review. The school is rather large, 1100 students, and requires the construction of 20 classrooms. The design proposes a permanent school to be phased in room by room while children are attending class throughout the next school year. Presently classes are being held in the church and under a series of tents.

Also included in the design is an on-campus dormitory for instructors. During the charrette, teachers voiced the need to make the school yard visible from their dormitory rooms. However, according to a released draft of school standards from the Ministry of Education, new school construction cannot exceed two storeys. The exact placement of the various buildings on-site becomes an issue of particular finesse.

The Team invited concerned instructors to accompany them to the upcoming School Standards twig meeting. A twig group is a sub-group of a UN relief Cluster group–in this case the Education Cluster has a twig dedicated to the new school standards review. Next week's meeting will discuss issues with the standards before they are finalized next month.

The Team was able to meet with teachers and staff after the the morning session had ended. Haitian students attend class in the mornings and head home before lunch. Presently classes across Haiti are still in session, as the Spring semester this year ends in September. School will resume in October after a month's recess.