Hurricane Sandy Reconstruction: Overview Infographic

Hurricane Sandy Reconstruction: Overview Infographic

  • by Architecture for Humanity
  • Jul 24, 2013
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Oftentimes complex things, like the impacts of Hurricane Sandy, can be better understood visually. Succumbing to the cognitive allure of infographics, the Sandy Team has set out to digest a mountain of recently released facts, factors and figures of reconstruction. (The whole anticipated series is listed below.)

In this Overview, dots are connected between housing, businesses and institutions, the evolution of building stock (per Code requirements), and what we can expect from a rising, if not tempestuous, sea.

Depicting the Post-Sandy Landscape

Over the next several months, we will be publishing a series of infographics presenting relevant facts and numbers related to Hurricane Sandy reconstruction and recovery in New York and New Jersey. Look forward to future infographics on the following themes: The region's vulnerability to future storm events • Resiliency • Urban Planning - Schools • Housing • Small- and Medium-Sized Businesses • Welfare • Green Technology


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