Demolition clears the way for Elie Dubois renovation

Demolition clears the way for Elie Dubois renovation

  • by Architecture for Humanity
  • Jul 07, 2011
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Earlier last month, École Elie Dubois in downtown Port-au-Prince began a demolition process necessary to clear rubble–and damaged and structurally unsound buildings–to make way for more solid reconstruction and ecological features.

Demolition on campus will clear several pre-existing buildings, including the tall chapel building and the caved-in cafeteria at the rear of the site. New plans drawn by Architecture for Humanity propose new buildings of expanded program for these locations, as well as a eco-latrine block with biodigestion system elsewhere on-site with guidance from Viva Rio. New designs also specify the augmentation of two UNESCO school blocks built earlier this year.

The reconstruction of Elie Dubois, an all-girls vocational school, is supported by Barefoot and Cina foundations, along with ambassadorial representation by Students Rebuild.

Post-quake cafeteria, Elie Dubois

Post-quake cafeteria interior

New cafeteria design