Philippines Update

Philippines Update

  • by Architecture for Humanity
  • Aug 13, 2012
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Illac Diaz from My Shelter Foundation in the Philippines, sends us news on the impacts of flooding in the Philippines. We had worked with Illac previously on the Bottle School project after Typhoon Ketsana.

We made a fundraiser this last Sunday with rock bands and food relief drives. It ended successfully at 2:00 am and I am now recovered and heading back to the office.

There is a severe typhoon arriving tomorrow so we are bracing for the storms again. Tropical storm Haikui has left a death toll of 60 however, there is a larger one looming ahead.

One million people are listed as displaced in official counts but this is probably more as there are many more that prefer to stay in their homes with limited water, food, and lighting than head for already crowded evacuation centers. The problem as in the past is once the storm recedes, the disease started escalating, making the few and limited overcrowded areas less of a long term recovery area.

The long term movement of MyShelter is to work with Architecture for Humanity for the conversion of tent cities into a more livable area as usually these places become long term, but now the government is more determined to move homes perched illegally on the numerous canal ways and their communities out of the city in the thousands. Most often in areas without sustainable capacities for livelihood, food and water.

As of now, we are trying to prepare and inform for the next incoming storms.

We received this note from Illac on Sunday evening PDT

Update: 195,000 families will be forced to evict to a new site to clear the waterways.