RFP for a vision of [un]restricted access

RFP for a vision of [un]restricted access

  • by Architecture for Humanity
  • Aug 17, 2011
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Hey designers!

We are architects so here you go...a question mark is the best we could come up with for the identity of our next challenge.

Where you come in: your mission- should you choose to accept it- is not top secret but of global importance. We’re an international humanitarian-based network of architects who are about to launch a design competition to re-purpose former military installations... but we haven’t figured out how to graphically embody that aim.

It’s about access and we need your creative talent to help us figure out how to best capture its spirit and brand it. Join our campaign, check this RFP link, and submit your work by August 31st and who knows, you just may end up with your own pair of night vision goggles and, oh yeah, $500.