Hope Floats: Architecture for Humanity Times Three

Hope Floats: Architecture for Humanity Times Three

  • by Architecture for Humanity
  • Aug 17, 2012
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Starting next week Architecture for Humanity will be showcased at three venues in Venice. The most important of these is the unveiling of the winners of the 2011 Open Architecture Challenge: Unrestricted Access. We are currently recreating a military bunker in the heart of the Future Steps exhibition with an awesome presentation. We will offer prizes for those who post the best photos of them using it in cammo!

Secondly our friends at Studio 427 and Moleskine are launching their 'Better World' symposium with co-founder Cameron Sinclair

Finally we are honored to be a sponsor of the American Pavilion and its show "Spontaneous Interventions", which includes many projects from Design Like You Give A Damn [2] and our local chapters in Chicago and New York. Cameron Sinclair will join a panel discussion on Aug 28th on transforming intervention into long term action.

See you in Venice!

"A Better World"
Talks, Shows, Lecture, Workshop
Venue: Serra dei Giardini di Castello (Viale Garibaldi)
From August 27th to November 25th
Talk by Cameron Sinclair: August 27th - 17:30

Couldn't be anywhere else than a greenhouse. Craft and vocation are the principle. The struggle, and the fun part too, it's the networking and the use of smooth materials and ideas producing smart energy. Then lectures, workshops, small design shows turn the venue in a hub to keep our feet touching the ground.

Unresticted Access: Winners of the 2011 Challenge
As presented in Traces of Centuries & Future Steps
Venue: Palazzo Bembo,
4793 Riva del Carbon
Architecture for Humanity Reception: August 27th - 19:00
Press Preview and Opening Parties: August 27th and 28th
Open to Public: August 29th - November 25th

Traces of Centuries & Future Steps presents 60 architects from 6 continents, representing 26 countries, brought together in an extraordinary combination. It shows current developments and thoughts in international architecture. Organization: GlobalArtAffairs Foundation. Find your VIP invitation below.

The [UN]RESTRICTED ACCESS exhibition will spotlight the Challenge finalists in a...unique interactive environment. Please consider supporting our exhibition on Idiegogo.

The US Pavilion
Spontaneous Interventions: Design Actions for the Common Good
Venue: Pavilion at Giardini
Talk by Cameron Sinclair: August 28th - 15:30

Designers include
596 Acres; Architecture for Humanity New York (AFHny) Studio; Mouna Andraos; Ants of the Prairie; Architecture for Humanity Chicago & Food Desert Action; Austin Urban Solutions & Rosner Studio; Baltimore Development Cooperative; Barkow Leibinger Architects & Kyle Talbott; David Benjamin / Living Architecture Lab at Columbia GSAPP and Natalie; Jeremijenko / Environmental Health Clinic at NYU; BK Farmyards; BroLab; Brooklyn Night Bazaar; Center for Urban Pedagogy; Candy Chang; Cheng+Snyder; Chicago Loop Alliance; City Repair; Cleveland Urban Design Collaborative at Kent State University; CMG Landscape Architecture; Come Out and Play; COMMONstudio; Graham Coreil-Allen; Crookedworks; Nicholas de Monchaux; Department of Urban Betterment; Design 99; Design That Moves You; envelope A+D; Jason Eppink; Free Art and Technology Laboratory; Freecell; Futurefarmers; Ghana ThinkTank; GOOD; Guerrilla Grafters; HabitatMap; Fritz Haeg; Greta Hansen / OWS Architecture Working Group; Hester Street Collaborative; HOK; Howling Mob Society; ICE-POPS; Institute for Urban Design; Interboro Partners; International Design Clinic; Jackson Heights Green Alliance; Aurash Khawarzad / DoTank; Ari Kletzky; Kaja Kühl / youarethecity; LA Green Grounds; Lang Architecture; Alex T EE Evan Gant; Make It Right Foundation; Mike Lydon/Street Plans Collaborative; M12; Macro Sea, MAS Studio, MIT Media Lab; Molly Dilworth Studio; Ken Mori & Jenny Liang; Eve Mosher; MyBlockNYC; Neighborland; No Longer Empty; Normal Projects; Occuprint/OWS Screen Printing; Guild; OpenPlans; Periscope Project; Philadelphia Horticultural Society; PlanningCorps & Transportation Alternatives; Popularise; Public Architecture; Public Media Institute; PublicAdCampaign; Alexandra Pulver; Rebar; Rebuild Foundation; Red Swing Project; Resource Center Chicago; Quilian Riano / DSGN AGNC; Steve Ritz / Green Bronx Machine; Jason Roberts & Andrew Howard; Rockwell Group; James Rojas / Place It!; SanFranStudios; Magda Sayeg / Knitta; SeeClickFix; Sensemakers; Shared Spaces Landscape Architecture and ‘Hood Builders; Mark Shepard; SLO Architecture; Stamen; Streetfilms; Syracuse University School of Architecture; Matt Tomasulo / CityFabric; TreeKIT;Uni Project with Howeler & Young Architects; Urban Operations; Urbano Activo; UrbanUXd; Rob Walker & Ellen Susan; Ed Woodham & GOH Productions; WORKac; Z-A Studio
Commissioner/Curator: Cathy Lang Ho. Curators: Ned Cramer, David van der Leer. Deputy Curators: Paola Antonelli, Anne Guiney, Zoe Ryan, Michael Sorkin.

Gettin' there. Support our Challenge booth via Indiegogo.