Summer Credit - Civic Art accomplishments in Haiti Schools

Summer Credit - Civic Art accomplishments in Haiti Schools

  • by Architecture for Humanity
  • Aug 22, 2012
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Call them a "Haitian artist collective." Twenty creatives have been invited through an RFP to design, build and install Civic Art in Schools through microgrants sponsored by the Digicel Foundation and Deutsche Bank.

The Grant program, launched last Summer, engaged local Haitian artists with various schools around the country. A year later, nine schools have become the recipients of art pieces developed by artists in collaboration with the students of the school. They're not all installed yet, but we couldn't contain ourselves to show off the work accomplished to date. The past few weeks have been a flurry of putting wrapped sculptures in truck beds and driving them from artist studios to school courtyards in Port-au-Prince, Léogane, Ceverine, Croix des Bouquets and elsewhere.

The artists are working in various media fit for public outdoor installation. The first round of selections include both celebrated and emerging talent. The artists each conducted a workshop with the students and school community of their selected school to enrich the process of design, and to ensure that the community understood the reasons behind the program. Many of the schools have not completed construction and working in this dynamic environment has proved to be a challenge.

With luck, however, the program will continue this coming year with additional school sites and invited artists.

Below are some highlights from this incredible program.

École Elie Dubois

Downtown Port-au-Prince
Artist: Fremont
Design Workshops: October 2011
Art Installation: July 2012
School Project Page

Student workshop at Elie Dubois

Left: Selecting stone at the Riviere Grise quarry. Right: Fremont the figure locked within the stone

Sculpture in transit

Installed, facing future courtyard

Ceverine School

Outside Maissade, Artibonite province
Artist: Lionel St. Eloi
Design Workshops: October 2011
Art Installation: June 2012
School Project Page


Lionel reading in the Child's book - workshop at Ceverine

Ceverine sculpture detail. Transport to site via Tata.

Collège Mixte Le Bon Berger

Artist: Lunda Alexis
Design Workshops: January 2012
Art Installation: June 2012
School Project Page

Lunda presents concepts at student charrette

Lunda and school headmaster Wilson D'Or

Lunda claying her sculpture

Left: Montrouis sculpture detail. Right: Students get a first look

The finished installation

École Immaculée Conception, Camp Canaan

Croix des Bouquets
Artist: Racine Polycarpe
Design and Workshops: March 2012
Art Installation: June 2012

Left: Canaan. Right: Students engage in design workshop with artist Racine

Left: Canaan sculpture detail drawing sheet. Right: Measuring up.

Racine applying finishing touches at his workshop


Ecole Baptiste Bon Berger

Pele, Port-au-Prince
Artist: Celeur Jean Herard
Design and Workshops: November 2011
Art Installation: July 2012
School Project Page

Left: Celeur at work in his studio. Right: Details & connections.

The school is in the challenging Cite Soleil neighborhood of Port au Prince. The community has stepped forward to support the school and has embraced the art installation with enthusiasm. The finished piece will be installed the first week of July 2012.

Ecole Communale Portail

Artist: Josue Blanchard
Design and Workshops: October 2011
Art Installation: July 2012

Artist Josue Blanchard with sculpture in progress

Nearing completion

Sculpture in place

École Mère Louise

Artist: Pierre Petit
Design and Workshops: March 2012
Art Installation: June 2012

Left: The site. Right: Artist Pierre Petit

Left: Artist's sketch. Right: Fabrication.


College Classique d'Haiti

Turgeau, Port-au-Prince
Artist: Shiler St. Eloi
Design and Workshops: December 2011
Art Installation: June 2012

In the workshop


Fresco is added on site

Academie Timoun

Artist: Jacques Eugene
Design and Workshops: June 2011
Art Installation: October 2012

Artist reviews his work