Haiti Progress - August 2012

Haiti Progress - August 2012

  • by Architecture for Humanity
  • Aug 23, 2012
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Healing and Education: through the arts

Healing and Education through the Arts. Architecture for Humanity has implemented a civic art program featuring the work of local Haitian artisans. The earthquake had as devastating an impact on the culture of Haiti as it did on its buildings, streets and lives. There is now the risk that as Haiti rebuilds, much of her culture is forgotten as art and artists are foregone in favor of more utilitarian responses. We believe that Haiti needs the restorative effects that a civic arts program could bring. See below


Comings & Goings

Warm welcome new volunteers Laura Smits and Peter Arnts.  

Fond farwell to Olivia Stinson, a sharp and dedicated urban planner and a one of kind team leader. She will be missed.  

Design Opportunities & Program Needs

Directeur, planification et conception - Senior Architec - Senior Urban Designer - Haiti Volunteer


Staff Retreat: August 31th from 8:00 am -5 pm

Time of Reflection and Renewal  at Kaliko Beach. Fransonnette has planned a staff retreat to boost teamwork, sharpen our focus and clarify our priorites. This will offer an invaluable opportunity for the whole team to pause, step back from their everyday duties of working "in the organization" and gain enough prespective to reflect "on the organization" in constructive ways.  Hosted by Fransonnette. Darren willl presenting and addressing AHF-Haiti work progress and achievements.

Project Status Report

Haiti School Initiative
École Baptiste Bon Berger, Pele - Ph.1 CA 85%
École Elie Dubois - Ph.1 CA 95% - Ph.2 CD 80% Ph.3 10%
College Coeur Immacule de Marie (CIM) - SD 35%
École Argentine - SD 15%
Haiti Partners Children's Academy (BAR Architects) - Ph.1 CA 10%

Haiti Design Consultancy
Santo Community Development Plan - Ph.4 CD 70%
Mme Joa Clinic - CA 90%
Villa Rosa and Saint Marie Community Action Plan  Ph.3 & Ph.4 90% Community Infrastructure CA 90%

CA Construction Administration; CD Construction Documents; DD Design Development; SD Schematic Design; PD Pre-Design -About the Phases