Groundbreaking at the Home of Knowledge

Groundbreaking at the Home of Knowledge

  • by Architecture for Humanity
  • Aug 30, 2011
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L'Institut Foyer Du Savoir (Home of Knowledge) officially broke ground last Friday, August 26 2011, preceded by a quick speech, prayer and promise made by the owner Pastor Wilkesse Dorcinvil. Architecture for Humanity Regional Program Manager Eric Cesal recounts the afternoon, which could be described as "modestly majestic."

On the Steep Hilly and windy side of Delmas 75 stands Pastor Dorcinvil on the construction site, besides him three of his students Holding poster boards of the Phase one site plans and drawing of the classroom building. The eloquent speech of Pastor Dorcinvil evoke President John F. Kennedy while thanking by name all who have worked on the project from a year ago, with special thanks to Stacey McMahan and Lisa Smyth who were not present at the time.

The assembled audience was moved by a heartfelt promise made by Wilkesse Dorcinvil "to Raise and look after the school like he would for his own child". After the speech he requested that the audience sing "Dieu tout Puissant" (How Great Thou Art) a cappella and then closed with a lovely prayer while everyone joined in with their own prayers which lifted the Spirit of our Design Fellow Kate Evarts to a remarkable extent.

Dorcinvil put on Gloves and Hard Hat provided by Architecture for Humanity, and grabbing a shovel proceeded to break the ground of the now blessed site. Everyone Cheered and applaud.

The assembled workers began the excavation of the foundation of the new building and perimeter wall which is expected to be completed in 60 days. Construction is managed by the Haitian firm ETEC Firme de Genie Civil and overseen by Architecture for Humanity.

Reported by Design Fellow Carl Harrigan

Crew at work on perimeter wall trench. Photo by Gerry Reilly

Groundbreaking evaluation of the view from the site of the school courtyard. Photo by Kate Evarts