Philippines: 800,000 displaced from their homes

Philippines: 800,000 displaced from their homes

  • by Architecture for Humanity
  • Aug 08, 2012
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Read the latest information about the Philippines floods.

Manila and much of the island of Luzon was flooded after an epic 3.24m of rain fell in less than 24 hours, this is following 2 days of non-stop rain. Meanwhile a 5.3 magnitude earthquake hit offshore of Lubang; the area is experiencing aftershocks.

  • Affected area is high-density, communities living near creeks/river banks
  • Slum and squatter communities throughout Manila have been highly affected
  • 53 deaths (due to typhoon), 9 deaths (due to floods)
  • 800,000 people displaced from their homes
  • 250,000 moved into emergency shelters
  • Financial institutions have halted all their operations creating a large economic impact

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Support the Philippines Floods Response.

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