Under the Manhattan Bridge Skateboarders Hit the Drawing Deck

Under the Manhattan Bridge Skateboarders Hit the Drawing Deck

  • by Architecture for Humanity
  • Sep 15, 2011
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In NYC this weekend? 'cause we will be and would love to see you at the Manhattan Bridge Skatepark to help us rethink and revision borders, boundaries, and edges in the public realm.

As part of Urban Design Week, Architecture for Humanity invites skateboarders, designers, planners, neighbors and members of the public to show us how the skatepark and adjacent public areas of greater Coleman Oval Park should and could look.

When: Sunday September 18, 2011 | 12pm-2pm
Where: Manhattan Bridge Skatepark (in Coleman Oval Park). Northeast corner @ red stadium seating. Need a map?
Cost: free

What we will ask of you:
To grab some chalk, and show us:

  • How to create a skatepark that is well-integrated with the non-skateboarding realm.
  • How to create a permeable yet defined edge condition between the skate park and non-skate park areas.
  • How to address issues of security and safety economically, creatively and effectively.
  • What improvements and additions you would like to see in Coleman Oval Park.

What you need to bring:

  • your good attitude
  • your ideas -- we love 'em and don't discriminate. This is an open forum, discussion and brainstorming event.
  • your open mind -- we won't grease squeaky wheels.
  • skateboard -- if you got it, bring it.

Through the NYC Department of Parks & Recreation’s Adopt-A-Park program, Architecture for Humanity will adopt & transform The Manhattan Bridge Skatepark into a destination place for both locals and international skaters -- completely revamping and literally reramping the park in partnership with the local and skateboarding communities. The skatepark attracts youth from all 5 boros, the tri-state area, as well as out of state and international visitors to the area.

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