e5star Wetsuits Workshop Updates / e5star ウエットスーツ工房 アップデート

e5star Wetsuits Workshop Updates / e5star ウエットスーツ工房 アップデート

  • by Architecture for Humanity
  • Sep 16, 2011
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Nakamura-san (owner), Satoshi-kun (designer) and Hoshi-san (contractor) met at e5star, and the first site meeting on September 16th. They discussed how to proceed from here, and Hoshi-san field measured the future workshop area. For the next step, Nakamura-san will explain the whole process of wetsuits making, so that Satoshi and Hoshi-san will understand what kind of functionality and efficiency are needed in the workshop.


Though they're thinking of somewhat minimalist space, but Nakamura-san asked to make this workshop to showcase Japanese tradition and craftsmanship as his wetsuits are.


Nakamura-san also salvaged some traditional building components like shoji screens and ranma screens from a house nearby which got demolished a few weeks ago. He is hoping to use them in his workshop!


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