Maeami-hama Community House Updates / 前網浜コミュニティーハウス アップデート

Maeami-hama Community House Updates / 前網浜コミュニティーハウス アップデート

  • by Architecture for Humanity
  • Sep 19, 2012
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This community house is going to be built on the existing concrete foundation of a storage building that was washed away by the tsunami, but parts of the foundation need to be rebuilt in order to place the new building on it. Mr. Suzuki from Maeami-hama, the MInami-sanriku carpenters (Mr. Endo and Mr. Kikuchi), demolition professionals, and Toru from AFH began demolition on parts of the foundation. Concurrently, we started marking of the new building so that we can start building as soon as we obtain the building permit.


Meanwhile, the review process of the building permit is taking much longer than usual. The inspection office updated us the schedule, and we'll receive the permit by the 1st of November.

Pre-demolition meeting

Partial demolition of the existing foundation