Kimisagara: Kigali's Centre for Hope on ArchDaily

Kimisagara: Kigali's Centre for Hope on ArchDaily

  • by Architecture for Humanity
  • Sep 02, 2012
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ArchDaily started September by featuring a landmark center of hope and cultural reconciliation in Kigali, the hub of past Rwandan unrest. While civil war has been quelled now nearly 20 years, the densely-populated Kimisagara valley is still addressing cultural differences and reconciliation.

Local NGO Esperance, through the Architecture for Humanity-executed Football for Hope Centre, now has its own space to run cultural and athletic programs, education and first aid courses, sustainable practices and leagues of youth participating in friendly competition, out of a community center with amazing contextual clarity, visibility and materiality.

See more of ArchDaily's coverage of the Centre, including some neat //exclusive// time-lapse .gifs from design fellow Killian Doherty.

Upcoming Events

The Centre was completed last Spring with the installation of the football pitch and vertical element (utilizing the pitch's shipping container).

The grand opening will take place on October 2nd with many representatives from FIFA and other organizations from East Africa attending. From the 3rd until 5th of October there will be the first "streetfootballworld Network meeting and Forum in East Africa" on the grounds of the new centre. The Forum will include matches against teams of partner organizations from five other countries in the region, as well as lively discussion and joint sessions on "Football as a tool for peacebuilding and education".