The Wave wins Safe Trestles

The Wave wins Safe Trestles

  • by Architecture for Humanity
  • Sep 20, 2010
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Phase 2 of Safe Trestles – an ideas competition that explores ways to create safe, low-impact access to Trestles – is complete. The winning scheme, The Wave, was collaboratively designed and developed by Co-LAB design office, an emerging award winning architecture practice based in Los Angeles. The design is based on the informal pathways cut through the wetlands each year by surfers.

The Wave’s ambition is to keep it wild, make it safe, and safeguard the area for future users - keeping this landscape safe, protected and pristine, for generations to come.

5 teams were selected from Phase 1 to develop their designs over the summer while working with stakeholders - Architecture for Humanity, Surfrider, and the San Onofre Foundation - local agencies, and the community towards low-impact solutions that serve visitors to the beach, restore wetlands that have been damaged by the path, preserve and augment vistas, and offer education about the history of the site and the coastal environment.

The focus of the competition has been less about identifying a winning scheme, but to use the discussion, and design ideas generated as a collective and a tool for the evolution of Safe Trestles. The winner selected will be given the opportunity to work with the San Onofre Foundation towards a viable solution as the discussion continues with the community and governing agencies.

Everyone is encouraged to check out the designs, and to post comments at

Overall Winner
The Wave
Design Team: CO-LAB design office, Los Angeles, CA (USA)

Honorable Mention | Educational Component
Safe Trestles Transect
Design Team: Lager Raabe Skafte Landscape Architects, Inc., Philadelphia (PA)

Honorable Mention | Innovative Crossing Solution
Design Team: kola+kle, Berlin (Germany)

Honorable Mention | Habitat Restoration
Unveiling the Natural
Design Team: ERGO4, Heilbronn (Germany)

Honorable Mention | Site Mitigation Strategies
The Long Trail
Design Team: Ken Smith Landscape Architect: WORKSHOP WEST, Irvine, CA (USA)