Haiti team shirts coming to a country near you!

Haiti team shirts coming to a country near you!

  • by Architecture for Humanity
  • Sep 22, 2010
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During the restless Haitian Summer evenings, our volunteers in Port-au-Prince ran a small in-house charrette–for the admittedly selfish reason of having something to take home with them as a token of our eternal gratitude. Convinced that a signed card and a bear hug from Eric Cesal weren't quite enough, the team drew up a Haiti Team t-shirt, to be printed in Haiti and distributed to our volunteers there.

As soon as we got the shirts from the printer we realized that word should get out about this small Haitian print shop–that it and the humble folks working there could leave their mark on the world in support of Haiti's reconstruction.

So, with the help of an elite cadre of "shirt runners," these tees will be getting broad distribution anywhere our volunteers are returning to. All proceeds from the shirts–available in S, M, L, and XL for $25 USD to AfH members and available to everyone with a $50 donation–go to supporting our primary and secondary school projects in Haiti. On top of that supporters are providing their own little economic boost for Haiti (and the Postal Service)!

Navigate over to our Haiti T-Shirt Page to send in your request. There you'll also see where and when our runners are going and how much farther your shirt will travel to get to you. Runners are working out shipments within their destination countries, so if yours isn't on the list it may well be there soon! You can also email us at haitivolunteer@architectureforhumanity.org for special accommodations.

As for our diligent volunteers (and shirt designers) already returned, well we think a free shirt can find you, wherever you are.