Rio 2010 Homeless World Cup legacy to ignite change in Brazil

Rio 2010 Homeless World Cup legacy to ignite change in Brazil

  • by Architecture for Humanity
  • Sep 23, 2010
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Press Release courtesy of Homeless World Cup

24 September 2010, The Rio 2010 Homeless World Cup, the world-class international football tournament beating homelessness, and Nike have today announced they will leave a significant football community legacy center to inspire Brazil to tackle poverty and help young people at serious social risk to fight against social stigma and exclusion.

The new community and education centre, which will open in November, will ensure the benefits of football are available to people in Santa Cruz, a district on the outskirts of Rio.

Mel Young, President, Homeless World Cup said: “We’d love to see the legacy of the Rio 2010 Homeless World Cup ignite Brazil to take real action to address the critical national issue of homelessness. It’s a great example to replicate nationally. Politicians love to talk. Partnerships that take action at the core of a community, with the people that are affected, will create lasting, significant change.”

Managed by Bola par Frente The Santa Cruz Legacy center will aim to prevent homelessness in the local community. Susana Moreira, Executive Director, Instituto Bola pra Frente said: “To Instituto Bola pra Frente it is an honor and a great responsibility to have been chosen to receive the social legacy of the Homeless World Cup. This area has one of the lowest HDI’s of the city and, for sure, the social technology of Bola pra Frente will contribute to a true social impact.”

The legacy is a partnership between Homeless World Cup, Nike and Architecture for Humanity.

Hannah Jones, VP Corporate Social Responsibility, Nike said: “Nike understands the power of sport to change people’s lives. The football community center will leave a lasting legacy that has unlimited potential to help prevent homelessness and make a real difference for the youth in Santa Cruz.”

Cameron Sinclair, Founder, Architecture for Humanity said: “We are thrilled that the Santa Cruz center is creating a lasting legacy providing resources to the community, a home for street-football, and an elevated voice for the Homeless of Brazil."

Beating homelessness through football, the Homeless World Cup is an annual world class, international football tournament inspiring 64 national grass roots football projects and over 30,000 homeless players a year to change their lives: over 70% change for the better. The 8th Rio 2010 Homeless World Cup takes place from 19 – 26 September 2010 at Copacabana Beach, Rio, Brazil before the baton is handed to the Paris 2011 Homeless World Cup from 19 - 29 August 2011. Homeless World Cup is supported by UEFA, Vodafone Foundation, Nike, global ambassador Eric Cantona, international footballers Didier Drogba and Rio Ferdinand.

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