Bust a Move

Bust a Move

  • by Architecture for Humanity
  • Sep 24, 2012
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Two asks, one why, and endless potential.

Designed to Move – a Physical Activity Action Agenda, co-authored by the American College of Sports Medicine, Nike Inc, and the International Council of Sports Science and Physical Education lays a new framework for action (inspired by alarming rates of in-action).

The report highlights the rising and global spread of inactivity in daily human life and calls for immediate and dramatic shifts in lifestyle, education, planning, policy, and (of course) the built environment.

Magic Bus - India
"Magic Bus is a great illustration of how sports can lead to improved individual and financial status. Children facing economic hardship are supported to stay in, or return to, school and are coached in areas that enhance their employability."
Architecture for Humanity is completing two centers for sport in the center of Delhi, India, with Magic Bus for use as youth engagement centers.

Grassroot Soccer (GRS) - Vermont, South Africa, Zambia, Zimbabwe
"With significant resources going into HIV prevention and treatment, the world is looking for high-impact solutions. GRS proves that investing in sports is a powerful investment in HIV prevention."
Architecture for Humanity completed the GRS Football for Hope Centre in Khayelitsha, South Africa, from where they run field operations.

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FIFA Football for Hope program

We're ready to get moving. Are you? http://designedtomove.org/

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