Paper Crane Sculpture Update / 折鶴オブジェプロジェクト アップデート

Paper Crane Sculpture Update / 折鶴オブジェプロジェクト アップデート

  • by Architecture for Humanity
  • Sep 27, 2011
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Kumiko Fujiwara, the head director at Supporting Organization for Artists of Tohoku (SOAT) found the site for the paper crane sculpture. It is going to be at the ground floor of Sendai Station.


Yota Hanazawa, the professor at Tohoku University of Art and Design (TUAD) and his assistant Koji Sakuta came up with the conceptual design of the installation.


With Kumiko's initiative, Prof. Hanazawa and Mr. Sakuta will also organize on-site workshop with local elementary school students to create artwork. It will be exhibited along the main sculpture that TUAD students will work on campus under guidance of Prof. Hanazawa and Mr. Sakuta.


The workshop and exhibition are scheduled from February 1, 2012 to February 5, 2012. After the period, we are planning on relocating those sculptures to one or more schools in the area.


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