8.3 Earthquake hits near Samoa. 4m Tsunami Generated.

8.3 Earthquake hits near Samoa. 4m Tsunami Generated.

  • by Architecture for Humanity
  • Sep 29, 2009
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Today a 8.3 earthquake struck close to the island of Samoa, generating a 10-15 ft tsunami. The wave hit the island early in the morning causing 3 deaths and dozens of injuries. One town was flattened and the capital was reported to have flooded. video

As this is a localized natural disaster we will only respond if called upon.

Update 4: The island of Samoa took the most damage from the Tuesday morning tsunami. The current number of fatalities in Samoa, American Samoa and Tonga has reached 922>. Hundreds have been left without shelter.

NB: Vietnam sustained a number of deaths from Typhoon Ketsana, which also caused huge damage in the Philippines earlier in the week. At the moment fatalities from Ketsana stands at 340, with 104 missing

Update 3: Hawaii watch downgraded to advisory and NZ spared due to low tide. Advisory given for the West Coast of the United States.
Image of wave propagation.

Update 2: Earthquake upgraded to 8.3 (from 7.9) and Samoan capital has been hit by 14ft waves. Reports of minor flooding and one town flattened by earthquake. Two 5.6 aftershocks have been recorded.

Update 1: Warnings for Samoa, Fiji, New Zealand and Hawaii and 5.6 aftershock. No warning issued for West Coast of United States