Top 25 AmEx Members Projects Announced

Top 25 AmEx Members Projects Announced

  • by Architecture for Humanity
  • Sep 08, 2008
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Architecture for Humanity and Lulan Artisans are partnering to build off-the-grid sustainable weaving cooperatives for women throughout South Asia. Thanks to your support we are in the semi-finals of the $2.5M American Express Members Project. We now have a one in five chance of winning funds needed to fund this program and need your vote.

Out of the top 25, it is the only project that demonstrates a hybrid for-profit/non-profit business model, to propel local cooperatives into strong economic engines with this developmental seed funding. Additionally, it is the only project in contention that is using Creative Commons licensing to openly distribute the building design solutions for these centers.

What could we do with the funds if we won.

If we came in 4th or 5th place we could build two to four 50 person weaving centers and provide five years of health care, education, housing and community support; 3rd place ($300,000) allows us to do six to nine weaving centers in Cambodia, Laos and Thailand; 2nd place: ($500,000) will also allow for expansion in India and around a dozen centers; 1st place: ($1.5M) will give us enough to build and support 30-40 centers throughout South Asia, supporting between 4-6,000 weavers.

The only catch is that in order to vote you must have an American Express card. If you don't have one, please forward this note onto others.

Links, Videos and Additional Information

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Eve Blossom, founder of Lulan Artisans and our executive director will be speaking at a free event together in Charleston, SC on September 22nd.