The Football for Hope Run 2012

The Football for Hope Run 2012

  • by Architecture for Humanity
  • Oct 24, 2012
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Headquarters has recently devised and established a new tracking tool for the six Football for Hope centres now in construction in Botswana, Tanzania, Cameroon, and South Africa (2), and Mozambique. The device is analog, occupying a field with metered imaging–we're stoked to use tech lingo (or our closest approximation) from the heart of San Francisco. Some HQ members are calling the device a "race track," but a more precise name would be "progress wall." For Humanity.

George, at the top, is well in the lead–albeit with a head start. The Centre (in Free State, South Africa) broke ground back in the Spring. LoveLIfe will be stoked for it to open in November.

Elisa, in Botswana, is rocketing along–we wonder if it's because she's sending photos on a twice-weekly basis. Though everyone acknowledges how she lucked out working where there's reliable Internet. This Centre is for South East District Youth Empowerment Association, or SEDYEA

Alma's project for Iringa Development of Youth, Disabled and Children CARE (IDYDC) in Tanzania, is chugging towards a first sports, HIV/AIDS info centre and entrepreneurial training center hybrid for the community.

Themba's vast site in Mokopane, South Africa, particularly lends itself to master planning and connecting disparate neighborhoods. An added perk for the South African Red Cross Society

Paulo and Alina have built an earth block factory for their project (...and a "test" pizza oven), and are now seeing them stack up, of course with local construction, for Grupo Desportivo De Manica (Portuguese), Mozambique

Nathan lives and works in the jungle–Cameroon. Part of his site clearing included yam collection, and he gets images online when he can–when there's electricity...AND internet. It could be said that remote centers matter most, and United Action for Children is thrilled to have Nathan on the job

Many people* ask "Are they racing?" To which we say, "Not that we know of..." and shrug and change the subject. Truth is, our fellows are on the same team, Advancing down the Field of, euh, Building...passing the (foot)Ball of Hope score Points...for Humanity. Yeah!

Anyways, lets see how far they've come...

August 1, 2012: lots of site prep and bid awards still at this stage. George is well underway, and Paulo and Alina are testing their blocks.

August 15, 2012: Elisa breaks ground and the Mozam"brique" fellows have awarded certificates to local builders for their earth block seminar

September 1, 2012: Alma's project has broken ground, and Nathan oversees sight clearing (and yam gathering)

September 15, 2012: Themba's clearing site, and we get mesmerized by Earth's bountiful assortment of soil colors

October 1, 2012: Foundations and foundation walls, and a roof for George

October 15, 2012: onward!