October 2012: What Do You See?

October 2012: What Do You See?

  • by Architecture for Humanity
  • Oct 26, 2012
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We've grown accustomed to very special things coming through our door. Earlier this year we were honored by the near-daily influx of jaw-dropping sketches the I Love Architecture campaign. Further into the summer, an artist approached us to render, in watercolor, a couple of our projects in Kenya. Program manager T. Luke Young (the "." is silent) collaborated with the artist to produce two stunning pieces – that we're aiming to reproduce for living rooms.

It doesn't take a professional architect, designer or artist to envision a better community – as T. Luke notes everyone is born creative. And we all have a stake in where we live, and know what could make our neighborhoods better places. We're thrilled to be a "delivery vehicle" for these visions (even if our pizzas never leave Mozambique :/ ). #WhatDoYouSee

In just a few weeks, we hope you can join us at the best damn humanitarian design conference, Design Like You Give a Damn: LIVE! hosted by yours truly. Come hear dynamite keynote speakers, pick up some critical knowledge at panel discussions and workshops, be inspired by Design Open Mic and earn 8 AIA credits on Nov. 12-13. The cocktail parties will be *Absolutly* worth it.


Kitakami "We Are One" Center celebrates Roof Framing milestone

Japan: Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami Rebuilding
The Market and Youth Center in Kitakami, known as "We Are One," celebrated another milestone in construction on October 15–the roof topping ceremony, wherein the local mountain goddess is observed and the construction crew tosses treats from the scaffolding to community members below. Talk about multi-generational participation–photos and a very nice video are featured on Students Rebuild.

The Maeami-hama Community House is going to be built on the existing concrete foundation of a storage building that was washed away by the tsunami but parts of the foundation need to be rebuilt. The team began demolition on parts of the foundation and concurrently started marking of the new building so that they can begin building as soon as they obtain the permit.

Our Japan Program Coordinator just returned to San Francisco from a week-long strategy session in Sendai. While she never left Tohoku’s largest city during this trip, conversations with the Japan team and explorations around town confirmed some surprising developments along the coast.

Get it all in the monthly Japan program report...

Pele School in Port-au-Prince finishes its first classroom building

Haiti Rebuilding Center
The Rebuilding Center was called out at Google Zeitgeist for being a pioneer of good work in Haiti. We've always felt that way (secretly, modestly), but nevertheless were tickled when a partner brought it up in public. Client charrettes with groups like students at the CIM school, and the recongnition that reconstruction goes deeper than architecture with our work with the Property Law Working Group, have definitively raised the bar for how reconstruction should look and feel post-disaster.

Also - Students Rebuild is covering school reconstruction updates, as per ususal. See what's turned what colors this month ;)

Reconstruction and Resiliency Studio
Architecture for Humanity had the opportunity to lead a discussion on disaster resiliency at the Clinton Global Initiative. Last week, Headquarters participated in then nation-wide Great Shakeout, which offers an opportunity to prepare for disaster.

Learn more about the Great Shakeout and other local disaster resiliency events, and follow the AIA / Architecture for Humanity Disaster Response Grant recipient teams' progress at ArchitectsRebuild.org. Want to be in the social media know? Follow the Reconstruction and Resiliency Team on Twitter @AFHDisasterTeam.

Esperance centre opens in Kigali, Rwanda

Africa: Football for Hope
The rumors are true - the Football for Hope program is working at full speed. Foundations are in and walls are going up on five Centres in as many countries, and QwaQwa in South Africa is completing a roof and will open any day. Three more projects have just gone out to tender and construction is estimated for December 1st. There's been so much activity on the Continent that headquarters devised a large-format analog tracking device to keep pace.

Earlier this month in Kigali, the Kimisagara Football for Hope Centre was officially inaugurated by the Rwandan Minister of Sports and Culture with a ribbon-cutting and unveiling ceremony. Several local representatives were present with some FIFA and streefootballworld leaders, along with our former Design Fellow Killian Doherty.

Sauti Kuu Banda, as rendered by artist Scott Erstad

Africa: SIDAREC and Sauti Kuu Banda
As featured above, artist Scott Erstad volunteered his incredible talent to paint watercolors of Architecture for Humanity projects, SIDAREC Technology and Media Lab ;and the Sauti Kuu Banda and Community Center in Kenya. These renderings show completed works coupled with the projected future development of each initiative. We are still seeking partners to raise the necessary resources to complete the final phase of each project. Find out more about the projects and reach out to us.

Youth in Action: Rocking Out World Peace Day
On September 21, 2012, hundreds packed into Mill Valley, California's Sweetwater Music Hall for a lineup featuring over a dozen Youth Rock the Rebuild bands for their first World Peace Day Concert. Their goal: to rock the crowd, showcase some skillz and raise awareness for Architecture for Humanity. The result: a sold-out show with proceeds supporting our new Geurrilla Green program and a dancing audience by the end of the night.


Guerrilla Green Sustainability Showdown
#hackitgreen with the chance to get thousands of dollars towards your concepts for greening your school. Catch is: you have to be a teenager. Guerrilla Green launched this week (perhaps you've seen the email), and we're stoked to pit the ingenuity of youth across North America toward a growing issue in our schools. Check out @GuerrillaGreen, Facebook too, find a teen and make their day.

Alter[Your]Native Belfast finalist design by Mick Scott

We're getting word from some of the semifinalist teams that they're carrying their projects forward! Notably in Guatemala and the Netherlands. If YOUR Challenge project has grown legs since submission, finalist or no, we'd love to hear about it and spread the word. 'Cause that's what [UN]RESTRICTED ACCESS is all about.


AfH Atlanta builds a  band director's tower for Richmond Hill High School

Architecture for Humanity Chicago is looking for a volunteer project leader to join a day-long Disaster Workshop in Springfield with the AIA and IEMA. They will be working collaboratively to develop an industry-specific comprehensive disaster response plan in an exercise environment working alongside emergency management officials.

Go Out on a Limb with Architecture for Humanity Atlanta: Treehouse Design Competition. AFHA challenges you to branch out and explore your design capabilities by way of the trees!

Join the Space Invader's Auckland Parking Space Project. This is essentially an urban revitalization initiative similar to Gapfiller projects in Christchurch.


HQ's intrepid modelmaking team


We're thrilled to name Frederika Zipp as our new operations director. Her former role as chapters coordinator will be passed on to capable hands. Congratulations and onward!

Welcome to our new volunteers: Dana Hymel, Bay Area, California; Tyler Duncan, Bay Area, California; Sara Dewey, Bay Area, California; Anne-Gaelle Clais, France; and Hannah Bowers, Bay Area, California. 

And high-five to new Design Fellows Garrett Jacobs and Gina Fontes who will be working together at Headquarters on our new Green Schools program. Garrett and Gina bring an inspiring range of talent - from architecture to graphic design to project management - and will make great additions to the Architecture for Humanity team. 

We feel very lucky at HQ to have an amazing team of volunteers. This month we would like to especially thank our model-making team that has been working for the last six months on building physical models for our Football for Hope program. 

At our field offices, Cape Town welcomes new design fellow Rogerio Costa to the Edendale Centre project, and the Haiti Rebuilding Center welcomes (deep breath): the addition of senior architect Fleur Messer; the new role of Natalie Desrosiers as Construction Services Manager; the new role of Nancy Doran as Planning Studio Director; the new roles of Stanley Joseph and Jacques Nixon as associate engineers; the return of rockstar Tommy Stewart; and the extended stay of Sven Kalim. Bon bagay tout moun

A fond farewell to three of our incredible model-maker volunteers: Muneeba Sutton,  Ma Jie (Maggie), and Project Coordinator Stephanie Eason, who together volunteered over 1,000 hours on the model project. 

Finally, we would like to thank Tech Shop for their generous six-month membership sponsorshiip. We count on support from folks like you - grazie!


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