Design Open Mic: Sports for Social Change Programs Around the World

Design Open Mic: Sports for Social Change Programs Around the World

  • by Architecture for Humanity
  • Oct 28, 2011
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During this past Wednesday's Design Open Mic session, we learned about a few different sports programs that have been completed, are in progress, or are just kicking off around the world.

First, we heard testimonial from former Architecture for Humanity Design Fellow Axel Stetler, who worked on the Lesotho Football for Hope Center that just opened in the city of Maseru late September of this year. Axel gave us an overview of the entire Football for Hope program, and spoke to us about the challenges he faced, the successes he had, and the lessons learned in the two years he dedicated to the work in Lesotho. Check out Axel's interactive presentation, here.

Following Axel's presentation, Architecture for Humanity Program Coordinator Alix Ogilvie shared a slideshow of great photographs from her recent trips to New York, India and Bangladesh, in support of two different Sports for Social Change programs made possible by Nike Gamechangers.

In New York, Alix checked in on the Manhattan Bridge Skatepark in the Lower East Side. In India, she worked with our Design Fellow Keshav Kumar and the team at Magic Bus to scope out sites for micro-intervention with macro-impact. With funding from Nike Gamechangers, Architecture for Humanity and Magic Bus will be able to make improvements to various existing sports and education facilities where Magic Bus will host their sports programs designed to improve the lives of youth in marginalized communities. Click here to learn more about those projects in Delhi, or check out highlights from the nonprofit's own Design Open Mic presentation from June 2011.

Many thanks to Alix for sharing such wonderful photos with us. Click here or below to download a PDF of the slideshow.