Shizugawa Fishermen's Workplace "Banya" and Oyster Bar(志津川本浜番屋)Update

Shizugawa Fishermen's Workplace "Banya" and Oyster Bar(志津川本浜番屋)Update

  • by Architecture for Humanity
  • Oct 29, 2012
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On October 26, design fellow Toru met with our client, Mr. Sato, and went to the site to check the state of construction. Construction of the roof has been completed, and with only a few minor fixes to make, the project is very near completion!


inspecting containers
inspecting the interior 内装工事進行の点検

inspecting exterior
inspecting the exterior 外装工事進行の点検

interior of building 内装

our client, Mr. Sato クライアントの佐藤さん

project near completion
project near completion 間もなく完成です

Only a few items remaining to be done:

  • installation of ventilation fan
  • coating of urethane paint to waterproof the floor
  • small gaps between containers to be welded with small sheets of metal
  • gaps on corrugated sheeting roof to be welded
  • foundation smoothing (mostly done)


  • 換気扇の設置(再度完了検査を受ける)
  • ウレタン塗装による床の防水加工
  • コンテナ下部の隙間を小型金属板で補修
  • 屋根の隙間を金属板溶接による穴埋め工事
  • 正面軒の入り口部のはつり工事