Paper Crane Sculpture Update / 折鶴オブジェプロジェクト アップデート

Paper Crane Sculpture Update / 折鶴オブジェプロジェクト アップデート

  • by Architecture for Humanity
  • Nov 01, 2011
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Professor Hanazawa and his students at TUAD just sent us a couple of pictures that they took when the first box of paper cranes arrived from the United States. They just went in and start thinking about what they can make with these beautiful paper cranes that were folded by children all over the world!


Students checking these beautiful paper cranes and getting inspired!

What can we make with these cranes? Sendai has tradition to make giant streamers with paper cranes every summer. The streamers are symbol of longevity.

Or a huge mural? They are thinking about using a fishing net to attach paper cranes.

Stay tuned for the progress!!!