Rebuild One Block

Rebuild One Block

  • by Architecture for Humanity
  • Nov 11, 2012
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As part of our long term response to Hurricane Sandy we are helping families who lost homes both by storm and fire. Help us rebuild one block and repair homes of first responders affected by Hurricane Sandy. We will give direct "rapid construction grants" to vetted grassroots partners and focus on ground-up reconstruction.

Small Rapid Repair Grants
We don't want to just repair a home we want to build a resilient home that can respond to future storms. However winter is coming and more people will be displaced unless we help them get heat and power.

We are partnered with a number of groups that are doing on the ground triage. We will give them small construction grants to get families back in homes. These are all grassroots organizations that are boots on the ground - get. it. done. - groups. These include NY Says Thank You, Friends of Firefighters, Occupy Sandy, Rockaway Beach Surf Club, Team Rubicon, Hope Mob and Waves for Water.

Rebuild One Block
Based on our highly successful Biloxi Model Home project after Hurricane Katrina we are in the process of identifying and rebuilding an entire block of homes, primarily for families of first responders. We will design with the families, build with the families and make sure that each family gets the home they deserve. Let's build back better for the families that need it most - the first responders who are there for us when we need it most.

image by Wayne Price

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