Design Open Mic, Nov. 16: Autodesk IDEA Studio and FutureSF

Design Open Mic, Nov. 16: Autodesk IDEA Studio and FutureSF

  • by Architecture for Humanity
  • Nov 18, 2011
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At this Wednesday's Design Open Mic, Autodesk's Kimberly Whinna and resident designer German Aparicio visited HQ to talk about the Autodesk IDEA Studio and the latest residency project: FutureSF.

The Autodesk Gallery overlooks the intersection of Market Steet and the Embarcadero in San Francisco's Financial District. Here, the IDEA Studio conducts its scholar-in-residence program supporting students, faculty, and professionals who use design technology in imaginative ways to solve problems in business, society, and the environment.

Kimberly shared some of those imaginative ideas to our audience. Check out a snippet of her presentation in the following video, and you can also download a PDF of her presentation below.

Current IDEA Studio resident German Aparicio talked about his residency project, “Future SF: City Design through Urban Sensing.”

German is using San Francisco as a case study to explore data stream infrastructures that can better inform designers, city officials and inhabitants to create new strategies for urban design. FutureSF leverages established and emerging technologies to explore how real-time and captured sensor data can be integrated into the early design stages, enabling designers to build more efficient, sustainable, performance-based buildings and cities.

One of the perks of being an IDEA Studio resident designer is using Autodesk software-in-development, like Project Dasher, that combines submeter and sensor data with BIM modeling.

For more, check out his Prezi-entation laying out his project, which will carry on through February. We're excited to have him come back next year and share his findings!

Autodesk IDEA Studio introduction (pdf)
FutureSF Prezi