Restore the Shore: Kicking off the Design Phase

Restore the Shore: Kicking off the Design Phase

  • by Architecture for Humanity
  • Nov 18, 2013
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On November 15th, two weeks after the Restore the Shore community workshop, our design team at the Gensler Morristown office, hosted a lunchtime kick-off meeting for the design phase of the program. Gail Gambarini, Sandy Team Design Fellow, led an in-depth introduction to Seaside Heights history and unique characteristics and shared conclusions from the community charrette.

Shortly thereafter, the first sketches were produced and, as others put their pens to paper to capture their ideas, the room began to buzz with excitement. The sketches were pinned up and the charrette quickly transformed into a lively discussion. Ideas were built upon in a collaborative manner and the creative energy began to focus on developing schemes founded upon uniting the community's past with it's newly embraced identity for the future. In the upcoming weeks, the architects at Gensler will refine the various sketches into three distinct schematic concepts. Each will be evaluated for it's ability to encompass the community's needs expressed at the community design charrette. Thank you to Gensler Morristown officephotos by Architecture for Humanity

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