February MakiBiz RFP Update

February MakiBiz RFP Update

  • by Architecture for Humanity
  • Nov 22, 2013
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The MakiBiz Request for Proposal (RFP) program is supporting the rebuilding of 7 small businesses and entrepreneurs affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011.


In November we saw 2 more projects begin construction, with others to commence in the coming year. See below for a summarized update on these projects.


Updates / アップデート:

  • Baikado / 梅花堂

    Ground-breaking happened on October 25. We are currently waiting on building permits. 10月25日に地鎮祭が行われ、現在確認申請待ちです。

  • Oikawa Denki / 及川電機

    Since the design of this building has been changed from 2 stories to 1, we're currently waiting on drawings to submit for a building permit, but are planning to start construction at the end of December. 確認申請のための図面、見積もり、工程表を待っている状態ですが12月末に着工予定です。

  • Sasaki Tekko / 佐々木鉄工

    We will be receiving permit sets and estimates by the end of the week to submit for a building permit. 確認申請のための図面、見積もり、工程表を待っている状態です。

  • Tesuki-washi Ushiogami / 手漉き和紙潮紙

    Preparing for construction to begin in early December. All design team members gathered on November 22nd on site to discuss the details and construction process. 12月の始め、着工予定です。11月22日現場でデザイン、そして施工について話し合いました。

  • Wakaba Kindergarten / わかば幼稚園

    Construction has begun. The site is currently being prepared for the foundation pour. 基礎工事に入りました。

  • Yamadai-Utsumi Suisan / ヤマダイ内海水産

    Construction is moving along. The framing has been finished and the exterior wall is in the process of being completed. 工事中。外装工事に入りました。

  • Yamayo Suisan / ヤマヨ水産

    Construction finished at the end of September. The new plant is now up and fully operational. 竣工済。