To our Community Builders...

To our Community Builders...

  • by Architecture for Humanity
  • Nov 23, 2012
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Happy Thanksgiving! Can you believe it's been another year?

Last year alone, Architecture for Humanity provided places to live, work, learn and heal for 66,000 people in 27 countries. As a Community Builder, you were an important part of making that happen.

Since we started the Community Builders program three years ago, we have had more than 22 supporters join. In total Community Builders provided $257,000 in total support to the organization last year. This represents 50% of the total general support the organization receives each year. As you know, Architecture for Humanity provides professional planning, design and construction services to many other partners. Thanks to you nearly all of our partners' funds go directly into projects that improve lives—from a skateboard park in New York City to a center for the disabled in Namibia to lockers for the homeless in Minneapolis.

Although Architecture for Humanity's total revenues surpassed $7 million in 2012, very little of those funds can be used to support critical operational capacity within our own organization. In addition to funding the day-to-day operations of Architecture for Humanity, your Community Builder funds help us support core programs such as our design fellowship program and our bi-annual Open Architecture Challenge. You also support the work we do to share our knowledge, understand our impact, and strengthen organizational governance and leadership.

With the recent destruction caused by Hurricane Sandy, Architecture for Humanity is now helping to rebuild on three continents simultaneously. It's incredibly important that we continue to raise general support to help the organization increase its capacity. So thank you for your support.

In fact, we are launching a campaign next week to raise awareness about our work and the importance of place. It's called "What do you see?". I hope it inspires you.

Thank you again for being a true Community Builder!