Giving Tuesday: What's a "Matching Gift?"

Giving Tuesday: What's a "Matching Gift?"

  • by Architecture for Humanity
  • Nov 27, 2012
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For the first annual Giving Tuesday, we'd like to engage in a little "donation orientation," starting with what's known as "Employer Matching." Many people don't realize that their company or employer has a policy to "match" the charitable donations of their employees, oftentimes doubling the impact of a donation with only a little bit of follow up. In fact, over 65% of Fortune 500 companies offer matching gift programs to their employees!

Even better news: online databases track matching policies for hundreds of organizations, and a simple search pulls up exactly what your company's policy is, and the (oftentimes painless) process to see it through.

We'll take you through our online widget that does just that, from our Donate Form page. What the process lacks in sexiness it more than makes up for with accessibility and impact!

When you make a donation on our website you're asked to fill in this form with the amount you'd like to contribute. (Your information fills in a receipt for the donation, on which we include our Tax ID for your records.)

Clicking "match your gift" toward the bottom expands a search window where you can input your company.

Details and procedure follow. Now you're well on your way to doubling your gift!

Procedural details

1) Donor makes donation to a nonprofit (501c3) organization.

2) The nonprofit confirms matching eligibility of the donor’s corporation.

3) The donor submits the matching gift request to their HR department.

4) The nonprofit validates the donation.

5) The nonprofit receives the matching gift from the corporation.

Best of luck in your extra effort to double your impact. Of course you can contact us if you have any questions.


The Architecture for Humanity development team