Do A Latte Good final round.

Do A Latte Good final round.

  • by Architecture for Humanity
  • Nov 06, 2009
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Yesterday we launched the final 'do a latte good' auction for 2009. Here is your chance to donate to Architecture for Humanity and have a one on one coffee with one of our clients, supporters or employees. It's simple, you bid and 100% of the proceeds go towards improving the living standards of communities around the world.
Until November 12th you can bid on:
Control Room Director and TED Prize winner Jehane Noujaim Sustainability and Social Justice Expert Majora Carter TED co-founder and author Richard Saul Wurman Free Culture pioneer and Creative Commons champion Lawrence Lessig Architecture for Humanity co-founder Kate Stohr Tony Award winning actor Sarah Jones Design writer and Pre Fab Guru Allison Arieff


About the initiative
During the early years of the organization, armed just a laptop and a cell phone, some of our volunteers were alarmed by the number of coffees I'd have per day. On average around 5-7 coffee. What they didn't realize is that for every $5 coffee meeting I'd leave with a $25-50 donation. This kept us going for years!

So, as we launched our capital building campaign -- for our grassroots supporters our Collaborate partners came up with a two part ‘coffee with’ campaign called 'Do A Latte Good'.