12 Days of Architecture 2012

12 Days of Architecture 2012

  • by Architecture for Humanity
  • Dec 14, 2012
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This year we repeat our homage to public interest design in holiday song format, highlighting 12 great moments of humanity and architecture, for 12 days. Enjoy!

Twelve Thirteen Venice Bases
[UN]RESTRICTED Venice - Venice, Italy, and Worldwide

August 27th kicked off the well-defended exhibition of finalists and winners of the Open Architecture Challenge to re-imagine defunct military bases - [UN]RESTRICTED ACCESS. The exhibition was part of the 2012 Venice Architecture Biennale, and several of the entrants were able to fly in from across the world to meet one another, discuss their work and boogie down. The Challenge may have ended, but the path of these and 150 other entered designs have only just begun. Nearly as many focus sites mean an impressive collection of best practices are being built to trailblaze positive and healing built alternatives to hundreds of neglected military installations.

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Eleven Commune Map Sets
Mapping Haiti's Uncharted Communes - 11 Communes around Haiti

How better to benefit 500,000 people than by making them maps? With a grant from the WK Kellogg Foundation, Architecture for Humanity are mapping eleven communes across southern and central Haiti: Cavaillon, Maniche, Mirebalais, Saut d'Eau, Boucan Carre, Lachapelle, Arcahaie, Aquin, St Louis du Sud, Cayes, and Ile a Vache. After months of work, entire days wandering through villages marking coordinates, the Haiti Rebuilding Center survey team completed the first GPS-based maps ever recorded for these communes.

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Ten Times-eight Sketches
BAR hosts "I Love Architecture" sketch view party - San Francisco and Worldwide

That's to say, over 80 sketches from world renown architects and artists were donated for the I Love Architecture campaign. From February through June, HQ was the delighted recipient of tubes and flat packs of incredible contributions, which went to auction in July to support general funds.

We DO have a few left that we are honoring generous donors with as thanks for their support.

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Nine Civic Sculptures
Civic Art for Haiti Schools - 9 project sites in Haiti

Call them a "Haitian artist collective." Twenty creatives have been invited through an RFP to design, build and install Civic Art in Schools through microgrants sponsored by the Digicel Foundation and Deutsche Bank.

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Eight fields a-playing
Nike Gamechangers Round 2 - Global

The Nike Gamechangers grants program enabled the completion of eight sites promoting activity, play and friendly competition–from a skate park in New York City's Lower East side; two sties of sports infrastructure in Delhi, India; a center for girls' empowerment through football in Jharkhand, India; basketball and playground in Gan Hai Zi, a Chinese mountain village; A football/technology center in Talca, Chile; basketball for the 1200 students at the Pele school in Port-au-Prince; and a farm-turned reclaimed public sports pitch for tsunami-stricken Motoyoshi, Japan.

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Sette Nuovi Progetti
Enel Community Empowerment Program - Latin America & Eastern Europe

Since December 2011 Architecture for Humanity has been working with Enel, Europe's second largest utility company and a pioneer in sustainable energy around the world, in a program that will build capacity in communities living in rural and urban areas, affected by considerable poverty and social disadvantage.

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Six African Soils
Football for Hope - Africa

Last Summer five Football for Hope projects broke ground nigh simultaneously, joining George's QwaQwa project in construction and prompting an elephant-adorned "run" to completion by Spring 2013. Each Design Fellow in the field directed their designs through local materials, customs and builders to deliver safe spaces for play, health and learning for youth across the breadth and height of the African continent. Amazing.

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Fiiiiive Stroonnnnngerrrr Schooooools
Architecture build education - Global

We opened five schools this year in Haiti, Mexico and Peru: Montrouis, Elie Dubois, 16 de Septiembre, Divino Nino Jesus and Bon Berger Pele show the diversity of learning spaces achievable through great design, local coordination, materials and resources. And while they're not "school" schools, P.A.T.E.A, the Sauti Kuu center, Football for Hopes Ghana and Rwanda, the Kitakami youth center, and five other 2012 projects provide education-dedicated spaces. We hope there's enough "oooooo" in "schooooools" to acknowledge them all!

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Four New-Formed Chapters
Chapter Network - Global

Our chapters network reached four new cities in 2012, and we welcome of Santa Barbara, San Diego, Honolulu and Manila to our clan. The Chapter network enables anyone with passion, steadfastness and design thinking to join our work. (This means you.) The Manila chapter was founded thanks to funds raised in response to flooding in the Philippines that occurred again this fall–meaning the region has a new force addressing this disastrous seasonal occurrence.

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Three Design Conferences
Design Like You Give a Damn: LIVE! 2012 - San Francisco

November 12-13 saw an influx of international compassionate types to the Autodesk Gallery at 1 Market Street, San Francisco. Celebrating the (re)gathering of humanitarian ideologues, the third annual Design Like You Give a Damn: LIVE! conference, its panels, discussions and presentations cemented the two-day event as a staple for the annual design calendar.

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Two #GiveADamn Books
Design Like You Give a Damn [2] - Global

On May 1, the long-awaited follow up to the 2006 Design Like You Give a Damn book hit the shelves - and is bigger and (arguably) better than the original. "DLYGAD2," as it's known in house, covers over 100 projects by our peers in the world of humanitarian design–and includes project follow-ups from Volume 1, a 6 year retrospective of Architecture for Humanity by Cameron Sinclair and an essay on financing sustainable community development by Kate Stohr. So it's less of a coffee table book and more of a coffee table manual–much like its predecessor.

You can read more about these volumes, and about other great gifts for any season, at our store.

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And a New Jerseyan running for the Shore
Ed & Hurricane Sandy Reconstruction - New York and New Jersey coast

Ed Kloskowski is not a designer or an architect. But upon seeing his native New Jersey struggling in the wake of Hurricane Sandy, he took it upon himself to do what he does in the name of awareness for recovery: Ed ran. Ed ran the length of New Jersey, 220 miles from November 16-21 CARRYING A FLAG, meeting community members and raising nearly $10,000 online for Sandy recovery. We appreciate his support as we launch our New Jersey and New York programs for long-term sustainable reconstruction.
Image by Ed Kloskowski

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