Haiti team wrapping up 2010 with wands and plumes

Haiti team wrapping up 2010 with wands and plumes

  • by Architecture for Humanity
  • Dec 15, 2010
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Despite recent turmoil in Port-au-Prince and elsewhere in Haiti, all's well for our design operations on the ground–given a few new lifestyle restrictions.

For the unintroduced, Haiti received their election results last week, with the current administration's protege just narrowly making it to January's run-off election. The protesters mostly represent the third-place candidate and nationally-revered pop star Micky Martelly, who received less than 1% fewer votes than the Préval-preened Jude Celestin.

From our team's perch at the Maison there were demonstrators marching the street and burning tires and election posters. The Maison went on lockdown for four days, much like the one that endured the presidential election itself. Below, design fellow Schendy Kernizan shows us where the demonstrations were taking place within earshot of the house:

Out of harm's way and undeterred, the staff and volunteers are making a final push this week to finish three sets of construction documents. The office winter break begins this Saturday, December 18, and the team is preparing complete drawing sets for our schools in Pele, Montrouis and Cayes de Jacmel, so they can break ground in January.