Paper Cranes + Students + Vik Muniz = Inspired Art

Paper Cranes + Students + Vik Muniz = Inspired Art

  • by Architecture for Humanity
  • Dec 16, 2011
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Architecture for Humanity and Students Rebuild are thrilled to share a five minute film that chronicles the creation of Vik Muniz's Large Paper Crane. So inspired by the generosity and hope engendered by young people's support for their Japanese peers, renowned artist Vik Muniz invited students to his Brooklyn studio to create a work of art celebrating Paper Cranes for Japan. This is the story of that collaboration.

Vik's stunning piece was photographed and turned into a beautiful, 40" x 50" poster, available for just $30, including shipping and handling within the United States. All proceeds directly support Architecture for Humanity's reconstruction efforts in Japan. ORDER YOUR POSTER TODAY - it makes an excellent good-cause holiday gift.

How it all began

In response to the devastating earthquake and tsunami in Japan in March, 2011, Students Rebuild partnered with's "Paper Cranes for Japan" campaign to inspire young people worldwide to support their Japanese peers. The response to our call to action? Young people from across the globe folded millions of paper cranes and inspired generosity we could never have imaged. Wowed by the staggering amount of contributions, the Bezos Family Foundation doubled their donation to Architecture for Humanity's rebuilding efforts in Japan. Soon after, an anonymous donor contributed an additional $100,000 to the cause. The outpouring of youth support for Japan caught the eye of world-renowned artist Vik Muniz, whose Large Paper Crane is composed of 60,000 of your paper cranes.

Ready to make a difference?

Students Rebuild's current initiative takes a collective stand against ongoing humanitarian crises. They're inviting the world's youth to get creative, and help generate funding by forging A Path Forward. This school year, students' action will be matched with dollars for relief supporting young people in Somalia and the DR Congo.