Haiti progress report - 17 December

Haiti progress report - 17 December

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  • Dec 17, 2010
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While recent developments in Haiti have made working conditions less than ideal, our team is cautiously determined to meet our 2010 milestones before winter break. Over the past weeks, cholera has not abated and the international reaction to presidential election results has been less than orderly. Twice in the past month the Architecture for Humanity house enacted 4-day lockdowns to weather inclement protests. Still, with the start of winter break less than a week away, our staff and volunteers are doing a final push to finish construction document sets to pass to contractors at the start of 2011. The Rebuilding Center winter break begins this Saturday, December 18. The office intends to reopen January 5. Architecture for Humanity will release ground condition updates throughout the recess.

Team finishing CD's despite demonstrations
(source: Architecture for Humanity)
Haiti team wraps 2010–three CD sets, completed site surveys and Pele demolition prep
(source: Students Rebuild Field Notes)
Haiti team researches and develops an inventive waste composting system for Pele
(source: Students Rebuild Field Notes)
Youth Rock the Rebuild amps up reconstruction funding…with a little help from our friends
(source: Architecture for Humanity)
Clinton Bush Haiti Fund announces $800,000 grant to support Rebuilding Center
(source: Architecture for Humanity)

BAR Architects firm commitment for innovative design fellowship
The San Francisco-based BAR Architects had been for several months following our work in Haiti before they decided to take a plunge. Receiving interest from nearly a dozen seasoned employees, BAR approached us with the idea of volunteering in Haiti for six months…collectively. Presently the group is being paired with a school project for design and construction oversight during their half-year tenure. BAR found means to donate their professional services by pooling outstanding PTO from the entire office–quite an inventive way of getting compassionate professionals on the ground!

2011 sees reopening of Haiti School Initiative grant
Round two applications for school reconstruction through the Haiti Schools Initiative will be reviewed throughout January 2011. We hope to have the final schools selected by the end of January so we can launch into design as Round 1 schools enter construction. More information–including official announcement of grant reopening–to come following the New Year.

Student Rebuild team captains
Over recent weeks the youth philanthropy program has been coordinating with representatives of the student teams to connect, catch up on effort and advise on the upcoming second year of the program. If you know middle or high school students who want to get involved with Haiti reconstruction, have them check out this incredible program. Student teams will be featured on the Field Notes as a recurring series. Queries and team captain selections can be sent to studentsrebuild@architectureforhumanity.org.

Last call for Haiti senior staff applications
If you or someone you know has been meaning to send in an application to work with our team and got mixed up in holiday cards, there's still time left to apply! Check out positions for a senior architect specializing in education; and an ambitious urban planner.

Project Board (progress status from 12/16)

Haiti School Initiative
View the Four Round 1 Schools background and grant information on Students Rebuild
Bon Berger Montrouis - 90% Construction Documents
Bon Berger Pele - 95% Construction Documents (for Phase 1)
Ecole La Dignite - 90% Construction Documents
Institut Foyer du Savoir - 80% Construction Documents (for Phase 1)

Related Haiti Construction Projects
Ceverine School - 80% Construction Administration
Ecole Mixte de Nancy - 80% Design Development
Ecole Elie Dubois - Design Development
Digicel House for Woodline - 100% Construction Documents
Digicel House for Odeline - 100% Construction Documents

See a full overview of our program and projects at the Haiti Rebuilding Center page on the Open Architecture Network.

Thanks to our 2010 volunteers!
We'd like to thank all the volunteers that have helped us establish one of the leading reconstruction organizations in Haiti! 32 design and construction professionals flew down to Port-au-Prince in 2010 on their own dime for anywhere between 3 weeks to 4 months to assist in Haitian reconstruction efforts. Thanks for everything guys–Haiti isn't an easy place to work and we applaud everyone who has dedicated their time and talents to helping Haiti fulfill its immense potential.

Stay completely up-to-date
1-Track the latest developments. Students Rebuild releases regular blog posts and videos through its Field Notes and Video Library–Students Rebuild is a great resource to for tracking architectural progress, as well as Haitian news, cultural highlights and features on youth-based support efforts from abroad.
2-Let the news come to you. Follow Students Rebuild on Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube for real-time updates and our series of webumentaries from the Ground
3-Open Source through and through. Check out the Gro Kay Disko page for behind-the-scenes blips of the busy lives of our designers in Haiti.
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