Open source this: The Architecture for Humanity Advisory Board.

Open source this: The Architecture for Humanity Advisory Board.

  • by Architecture for Humanity
  • Dec 20, 2008
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Every two years we renew our advisory board and we are weeks away from the 2009 crop of advisers. Unlike the main board this is a gathering of folks that help to broaden the reach of Architecture for Humanity as well as bring in support in all the areas which our work affects or is influenced by.

Last week in an internal meeting we began to put together a shortlist of who we thought would be helpful to have on the board. Innocently I posted the same question on facebook today and within an hour received a dozen names. While we are going through this process I felt we should ask our readers who they felt should be on the panel. So shoot us your suggestion by December 27th 2008 (or add a comment below) and I'll pose it to the main board for inclusion.

One more thing. This is our 10th year so let's think big.

All of us at Architecture for Humanity

The following have currently been suggested:

Rick Fedrizzi, CEO, USGBC
Fareed Zakaria, Journalist, CNN
Frank Almeda
Jeff Christian, Architect
Carl Bass, CEO, AutoDesk
Dr. Dickson Despommier
Toshiko Mori, Architect
Renzo Piano, Architect
Pierre Sartoux
Mitchell Joachim, Architect
Yasmine Lari, Architect