What they see 12/20: Paolo Soleri

What they see 12/20: Paolo Soleri

  • by Architecture for Humanity
  • Dec 20, 2012
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The first $5,000 donation to Architecture for Humanity before 12pm PST December 21st will receive this featured work as a gift:

Paolo Soleri
Untitled c.1977
Pen and ink
8.5 x 11

About Paolo Soleri

Paolo Soleri is an Italian architect and social advocate. He studied with Frank Lloyd Wright and first gained international recognition for his bridge design displayed at the MoMA NYC. Soleri has received a fellowship from the Graham Foundation and two from the Guggenheim Foundation, has been awarded three honorary doctorates, the American Institute of Architects Gold Medal for Craftmanship, the Gold Medal from the World Biennieal of Architecture, the Silver Medal of the Academie d'Architecture in Paris, and the National Design Award.

Soleri is perhaps best known for, along with his wife, co-founding the Cosanti educational foundation. The Foundation's major project is Arcosanti, a prototype town for 5,000 people designed by Soleri, under construction since 1970. Located at Cordes Junction in central Arizona, the project is based on Soleri's concept of "Arcology," architecture coherent with ecology. Arcology advocates cities designed to maximize the interaction and accessibility associated with an urban environment; minimize the use of energy, raw materials and land, reducing waste and environmental pollution; and allow interaction with the surrounding natural environment.

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