Open Letter to Procrastinating Registrants

Open Letter to Procrastinating Registrants

  • by Architecture for Humanity
  • Dec 21, 2011
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From the Control Center of the 2011 Open Architecture Challenge, [UN]RESTRICTED ACCESS, we know a lot of things.

We know that the Challenge is picking up more steam all the time. Our new friends at FPIF have recently helped spread word to other blogs and policy fans and we're certainly tickled by that. We know that to date 86 teams from 33 countries and 6 states (CA, FL, IL, OR, WA, WY) of America have ALREADY registered for the competition.

And we couldn't help but notice some rather US-based voids among the teams registered. Just six states? C'mon... New York: what gives? Cali's got like six teams already. Don't think the boroughs are lacking their own stock (and no, you don't have to use Governor's Island). In fact, All of New England has yet to submit a team; the Midwest is solely represented by Chicago; the South repped only by Florida. America: we've got some catching up to do.

And Canada, oh, Canada. You can't squirm away from this one. Not with all those options out there.

A note to architecture professors everywhere: Having trouble thinking of next semester's design project? We got you covered. What better way to explore the Issues of the Day than by joining an interpretive use competition alongside hundreds of international entrants? Have we mentioned our pre-researched sample sites? Ever wanted to visit Cuba?

We know you want to join. In a lot of cases, registering will set your team back US$50 ($10 a head if you con some friends into helping - $5 if you're REALLY good). And if you know you want to, why not register today? Solstice resolution. Happens all the time. (Might we add that [UN]RESTRICTED ACCESS is more interactive than that X-Box military game?)

If you're on the fence about this whole thing, think of how you can pay your design chops forward to an entire community that's looking for answers to that big, awkward old base in their backyard. Talk about gifts that keep giving…

The Challenge Team