2010 Year in Review

2010 Year in Review

  • by Architecture for Humanity
  • Dec 26, 2010
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Hi there,

Our annual Boxing Day* letter is great way to reflect upon what we have achieved over the past twelve months. So grab a hot drink, curl up on a seat and settle in.

I may be biased but as we enter our twelfth year no one exemplified the power of good design to uplift lives more than Architecture for Humanity's thousands of volunteers, local chapters and design fellows.

We've been involved in fifty three projects this year. Everything from community facility building in Chile and Kenya, post disaster reconstruction in Haiti and Pakistan, low-cost health clinics in India, sustainable housing in the United States, schools in the Philippines and Uganda and youth sports development work in Brazil, Mali and Namibia.

In 2010 over 81,000 people benefited directly from our work – not just inspired or influenced by the power of good design - but actually living, healing, learning or working in structures designed and constructed by our teams of building professionals. For the third year running we've completed a project on every continent of the world. It is only because of the dedication of our partners and our donors that we are able to achieve this reach and quality of work.

Cameron Sinclair
Chief Eternal Optimist and Executive Director
Architecture for Humanity

P.S. We send this update every Boxing Day as this is traditionally a day to give back to those in service and the communities they serve.

P.P.S. If you have the time take 10 minutes to see the beautifully shot video of Skateistan, one of our programs from 2009, now in full swing in Kabul, Afghanistan

2010 By The Numbers

127,000 Amount raised by primary and secondary school kids to build schools in Haiti
81,996 Number of people impacted by our designers in 2010
22,380 Cups of coffee drunk in our offices
3,500 Members of our Chapter Network
548 Participants in Design Like You Give a Damn: Live! open mic and forum
405 Projects nominated for Design Like You Give A Damn 2
112 Volunteers
107 Structures in construction or development in 2010 (33 in 2009)
88 Percentage spent on construction and design services
72 Local Chapters in 14 Countries
69 Bottles of Prestige drunk by Team Port au Prince while on lockdown during election
53 Projects in 2010
37 Design Fellows
25 Hours of non-stop Pecha Kucha for Haiti
18 Full time staff members
16 Countries Architecture for Humanity is currently working in
7 Schools under construction in Haiti after the earthquake
5 Building field guides developed for Gaza, Haiti, India, Pakistan and the United States
4 Stars given by Charity Navigator for our work
2 former heads of state who donated to Architecture for Humanity in 2010
1 Projects short listed for the 2010 Aga Khan Award*

*Although we did not place we were honored to be beaten out by a chapter member from Beijing. Congrats Li!

Boxing Day Year in Review

Below a selection of this year's projects:

Homeless World Cup Legacy Project, Brazil
Client: Homeless World Cup, OCAS and Instituto Bola Pra Frente
Design Team: Lompreta Nolte Arquitetos / Nanda Eskes Arquitetura (Architects of Record) and Daniel Feldman (Design Fellow)
Program Manager: Michael Jones
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Football for Hope Centres (completed or in development in 2010)
Client: AMPJF, Play Soccer, Special Olympics, Espérance, Mathare Youth Sports Association, Kick4Life, Whizzkids United, Lovelife, Grassroot Soccer with streetfootballworld and FIFA
Design Team: Joe Addo/Constructs LLC (Design Architect Ghana), Architectural Engineering Services (Architect of Record Ghana), Studio 610 (Design Architect Kenya), Andrew Gremley (Architect of Record Kenya), Dr. Alfred Omenya (Environmental Consultant Kenya), M. Youseff Berthe (Architect of Record Mali), Nina Maritz and Paul Munting (Architects of Record Namibia), Killian Doherty (Architectural Designer Rwanda), MASS Architects (Design Consultant Rwanda), Tiffany Lau, Rui Peng, Seung Jin Ham, John Edgar (Architect of Record Lesotho) and Kevin Gannon
Design Fellows: Killian Doherty, Axel Stelter, Luvuyo Mfungula, George Kinuthia, Ifeoma Ebo, Jhono Bennett, Thomas Calhoun, Michael Heublein, Isaac Mugumbule and David Pound
Regional Program Manager: Kevin Gannon
Senior Program Manager: Gretchen Mokry
Program Manager: Kimberley O'Dowd
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Gaza Repair Strategies Manual, Palestinian Territories
Client:Unitarian Universalist Service Committee and American Friends Service Committee
Design Team: Gretchen Mokry, Micah Meyers, Anand Sheth, Alix Ogilvie, Nick Escalante and Andrew Ma
Program Manager: Gretchen Mokry
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Ecole Elie Dubois, Haiti
Client: Ecole Elie Dubois and Barefoot Foundation
Design Team: Stacey McMahan and Schedy Kernizan
Regional Program Manager: Eric Cesal
Program Manager: Sandhya Naidu Janardhan
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Bottle School, Laguna, Philippines
Small Design Grants Program
Client: Dalubhasang Lungsod ng San Pablo
Design Team: Illac Diaz and MyShelter Foundation
Learn More

Plastiki, Pacific Ocean
Client: Adventure Ecology
Boat Architect: Andy Dovell, Murray, Burns and Dovell Naval Architecture
Cabin Design Team: Nathaniel Corum, Michael Jones, R. Scott Mitchell, Marisha Farnsworth and Jay Ruskey
Additional Design Support: University of Southern California - School of Architecture
Program Manager: Nathaniel Corum
Named by Time Magazine as one of the top 50 Innovations of the Year
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Safe Trestles, San Clemente, CA, USA
Client: San Onofre Foundation and Surfrider Foundation
Winning Design Team: Co-Lab Design Office; Joshua Beck, Joana Gomes, Tom Reiner and Lily Jencks.
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Shorty's Book Swap Community Library, Chicago, IL, USA
Client: Shorty's Book Swap Community Library
Chapter Project: Architecture for Humanity Chicago
Design Team: Peter Smith, Katherine Darnstadt, Katie Svec, Elyse Agnello, Charlotte Nelms, Ashley Craig, Abraham Rodriguez, Megan Musgrave, Rachel Simpson, John Joyce
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Chapter Year End Update

Publications in Development (Coming Fall 2011)

Design Like You Give a Damn 2
Client: various
Editing Team: Satu Jackson, Kate Stohr, Cameron Sinclair and Architecture for Humanity
Learn more.

Thank You

The work of Architecture for Humanity would not be possible without the dedication of a core group of supporters and staff. We'd like to take a moment to thank them.

Current Staff: Natassia Academia, Amber Bowen,Sarah Bush, Marvin Cabrera, Eric Cesal, Kevin Gannon, Eric Kostegan, Satu Jackson, Sandhya Naidu Janardhan, Michael Jones, Mike McCaffrey, Gretchen Mokry, Jason Olson, Cameron Sinclair, Molly Stack, Kate Stohr, Ana Vasconcellos, Gaurav Vashist, Frederika Zipp

Design Fellows and Volunteers: Karl Johnson, Alix Ogilvie, Jacqueline John, Carlene Ho, Amanda Bensel, Andrew Ma, Wyanne Tsang, Darren Ray, Mark Warren, Nicole Melas, Stephanie Yung. Dhruvi Mehta, Sarah Wong, Rob Karas, Larry Montalvo, Vasilios Katsavrias, Anand Sheth, Daniel Viliesid, Kai Kronfield, Eric Douville, Salone Habibuddin, Sarika Jhawar, Mike Heublein, Nathaniel Corum, Isaac Mugumbule, Greg Elsner, Luvuyo Mfungula, Ifeoma Ebo, Axel Stelter, Tommy Calhoun, David Pound, Killian Doherty, Daniel Feldman, Schendy Kernizan, Lyndia Mesidor, Stacey McMahan, Diego Collazos and Darren Gill

Board of Directors: Niama Jacobs, Clifford Curry, Paul Gabie, Taylor Milsal, Toshiko Mori, Scott Mattoon, Cameron Sinclair, Narry Singh, Margaret Stewart and Kate Stohr

General Counsel: Steven Meier, Jenner and Block

Additional Support: Diana Bianchini, Di Moda Public Relations and Thao Nguyen, Creative Artists Agency

Community Builders: ARUP, Bezos Family Foundation, Bobby Chang, Clifford Curry, Paul Gabie, The Harnisch Foundation, Patricia Hillis, Niama Jacobs, Michelle Kauffman, Jon Kamen, David Levy, Scott Mattoon, Taylor Milsal, Narry Singh, Margaret Stewart, Delight Stone, James Stuckey, Yutaka Takiura, Tides Foundation

Supporters and Partners: Clinton Bush Haiti Fund, Google Inc., Bezos Family Foundation, Nike Inc., Streetfootballworld, FIFA, The Prudential, CurryStone Foundation, Stillerstrong Foundation, Barefoot Foundation, Priceline.com, American Institute of Architects, Happy Hearts Fund, Cisco, NVIDIA, Global Philanthropy Group, Save The Children, Rockefeller Brothers, Goldhirsh Foundation, Vital Projects Fund, Coalesse, Heath Ceramics, Salesforce.com, Autodesk, Total Franklin Advisors, Inc., US Green Building Council, J/P Haitian Relief Organization and many others

Architecture for Humanity makes every effort to ensure accuracy in donor and volunteer listings, but on occasion errors may occur. Please contact us at 415.963.3511 with any questions or comments.

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