2012 Year in Review: Building Change From The Ground Up

2012 Year in Review: Building Change From The Ground Up

  • by Architecture for Humanity
  • Dec 26, 2012
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Happy Boxing Day!

We celebrate today* by taking stock of another incredible year of building change around the world. This is the 14th edition of this letter and returning readers will know - grab a mug of tea, a few left over snacks and settle in for our year in review.

This year our teams of design and construction professionals completed 42 projects in 27 countries with many more in development. This included opening a dozen schools throughout Latin America with students engaged at each step of the way; a skatepark in New York City and 11 more youth sports facilities around the globe. We mapped 11 uncharted regions door to door across Haiti; helped businesses rebuild in Japan; created and trained thousands of construction jobs. We published Design Like You Give A Damn [2], a compendium of the best community design projects around the world, and challenged the design community to turn decommissioned military sites into places of peace and prosperity. Nearly 200 teams from 40 countries responded to the call.

Renewal and resiliency became rallying cries for communities affected by disasters this year. From fishing villages in northern Japan to the superstorm that ravaged the Eastern seaboard, our building professionals have not been satisfied with returning these destroyed communities to "what was" but instead are designing and building for the future, working with an incredible network to rebuild more resilient places.

This is what we see. We hope you share our vision of stronger, vibrant communities and support our ongoing work.

The simple truth is we cannot do all this work without you. Help us reach these goals and beyond by making a small donation to enable us to continue to build change and transform communities.



from all of us at Architecture for Humanity

Bogota // Cape Town // Ishinomaki // Port-au-Prince // San Francisco // Seaside Heights

Newsletter me.

2012 by the Numbers

2,742,000 People who now live, work, learn, gather and heal in 2,300 places helped by Architecture for Humanity since 1999
People who have benefited from 128 completed projects on Worldchanging
288,000 Children now in day and after school programs in facilities built by us
135,400 Children with access to sports for social change programs through Nike Gamechangers and FIFA/Streetfootballworld's Football for Hope program [11 more projects underway in 9 countries]
44,451 Cups of coffee drunk by our staff in Cape Town, Port au Prince, San Francisco, Ishinomaki, Bogota and Seaside Heights (NJ)
38,003 Members on Worldchanging (formerly the Open Architecture Network) 
17,681 Haitians who in 2012 benefitted from design, construction and economic development work at the Rebuilding Center
9,630 Beneficiaries to date of the Tohoku Rebuilding Program
9,195 Members of the Architecture for Humanity Chapter Network
174 Teams from 40 countries that submitted proposals for our 4th international design competition, [UN]RESTRICTED ACCESS, transforming military sites to civilian spaces. 
100 (or 25%) Increased enrollment at Haiti's Montrouis school due to its new building
74 Sketches from 60 world-renown architects and designers donated to last Spring's I Love Architecture campaign
55 Local Chapters in 14 countries
42 Projects completed in 2012
39 Grant proposals submitted by teenagers to green their schools
15 Fishermen we helped in Shizugawa through PACT campaign
10 Mariachis that helped close out the Arquine talk in Mexico City
5 Grant-winning cities to develop architect-focused disaster response plans
133 Volunteers at our five international offices
69 Design Fellows and Architects in communities all over the world in 2012
27 Full-time staff members

What Clients Have Said

"Architecture for Humanity came into our lives when we were almost becoming quite vulnerable. Given the multiplicity of issues that are found in slum communities, we needed a center that has a clinic, a library, and a cyber cafe, and, luckily, here we are." - Lucy Mathai, SIDAREC Executive Director, Nairobi, Kenya

"The students had been stressed out since the disaster. I'm very glad that students can play soccer at this field now, and my heart's too full for words." - Ryuichi Onodera, Ohya Green Sports Park client and Founder of Junior Sports Club

"Amidst all our students, some may become lawyers, others become doctors or architects that help this country, and the first step is this school." - Wilson D'Or, Headmaster, Collège Mixte Le Bon Berger


Selected Chapter Projects From 2012

Under the BQE workshop   Under the BQE - Brooklyn, New York, United States
Client: Neighborhoods of Brooklyn
Design Team: New York City Chapter
Program Coordinator: Frederika Zipp
Vision document released April 2012
  Veneer House - Utatsu of Minamisanriku, Miyagi, Japan
Client: Heisei no mori temporary housing complex
Design Team: NPO Gyoryu-no-yu (Hiroto Kobayashi and Applied Environmental Design Studio, Keio University) 
Completed June 2012
  Shift House - Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States
Client: City of Sioux Falls Community Development Office; Affordable Housing Solutions
Design Team: Architecture Incorporated
Completed July 2012
Brixton Remakery   Brixton Remakery - Brixton, London, United Kingdom
Client: Brixton Remakery
Design Team: London Chapter
Program Coordinator: Frederika Zipp
In Progress
Atlanta OASIS bus shelter project   OASIS bus shelter project - Atlanta, Georgia, United States
Client: MARTA (Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority), Atlantan communities
Design Team: Courtnie Kidd, Valene Greene, Chandra Farley, Sarah Hill, Andrew Telker
Program Coordinator: Frederika Zipp
  Adobe Structure 1 for Afghan refugees - Bardsir, Iran
Client: Afghan refugee familes
Design Team: Rai Studio
Program Lead: Pouya Khazaeli
Prototype completed November 2012

Selected Projects From 2012

Collège Mixte Le Bon Berger   Collège Mixte Le Bon Berger – Montrouis, Ouest, Haiti
Client: Bon Berger School, the Stiller Foundation, Students Rebuild
Design Team: The Haiti Rebuilding Center
Program Manager: Eric Cesal & Sandhya Naidu Janardhan
Completed February 2012
Oguaa Football For Hope Center   Oguaa Football for Hope Center – Cape Coast, Ghana
Client: PlaySoccer Ghana, streetfootballworld
Design Team: Joe Addo & David Pound
Program Manager: Gretchen Mokry
Opened April 2012
Manhattan Bridge Skatepark opened by July 2012   Manhattan Bridge Skatepark – Lower East Side, New York City, United States
Client: Steve Rodriguez
Design Team: Steve Rodriguez, Jens Holm, Kay D. Vorderwuelbecke and Preeti Sodhi
Program Manager: Alix Ogilvie
Opened June 2012
Sauti Kuu Banda & Community Center   Sauti Kuu Banda & Community Center – Alego, Kenya
Client: Auma Obama and Sauti Kuu Foundation
Design Team: ION Designs & Diego Collazos
Program Manager: T. Luke Young
Opened June 2012
  Games In Lost Heavens - Gan Hai Zi Village, Yunnan, China
Client: Habitat for Humanity China
Design Team: Habitat for Humanity, China
Program Manager: Habitat for Humanity, China
Completed July 2012
Haiti Mapping Initiative   Haiti Mapping Initiative – 11 communes, Haiti
Client: Kellogg Foundation, Commune office
Project Coordinator: Olivia Stinson
Program Managers: Eric Cesal & Sandhya Naidu Janardhan
Completed August 2012
16 de Septiembre School 16 de Septiembre School - Coscomatepec, Veraceruz, Mexico
Design: Instituto de Espacios Educativo del Estado de Veracruz
Program Managers: Diego Collazos & T. Luke Young
Opened September 2012 
Civic Art in Schools   Civic Art in Schools – 9 sites, Haiti
Client: 9 schools
Project Coordinator: Jean Rene Lafontant 
Program Manager: Kate Evarts
Round 1 completed September 2012
Tohoku Business Lounge   Tohoku Business Lounge – Ishinomaki, Miyagi, Japan
Client: Entrepreneurs of Ishinomaki; Prudential of Japan
Design Team: Shogo Marukawa
Program Manager: Hiromi Tabei
Opened November 2012
  Villa Rosa and Saint Marie Community Action Plan  – Port-au-Prince, Haiti
Client: Komite Humanitaire de Villa Rosa / Foyer de Saint Marie 
Project Manager: Nancy Doran Completed December 2012
AfH HQ at 695 Minna   Architecture for Humanity Office, 695 Minna St. – SOMA, San Francisco, United States
Client: Architecture for Humanity
Project Manager: Michael Steiner
Doors opened December 21 2012.
Kitakami We Are One Market & Youth Center   Kitakami "We Are One" Market & Youth Center – Kitakami, Miyagi, Japan
Client: Kitakami "We Are One" Committee
Project Manager: Hiromi Tabei
Opened December 2012.


Design Like You Give A Damn LIVE! 4 – San Francisco, United States
Client: Enthusiastic members of the international design community
Design Team: Bridget Dodd 
Held November 7-9, 2013.


Guerrilla Green Sustainable Showdown   Guerrilla Green Sustainable Showdown - United States Client: Students of United States public schools
Design Team: Gina Fontes & Garrett Jacobs
Program Manager: Gretchen Mokry
In progress. Launched October 2012, Completed by May 21 2013.

How We Work

Our People

The work of Architecture for Humanity would not be possible without the dedication of a core group of people. We’d like to take a moment to thank them for another incredible year:  

Current Staff: Natassia Academia, Tomika Anderson, Sarah Bush Brady, Marvin Cabrera, Eric Cesal, Suman Deep, Bridget Dodd, Jacob Ehrenberg, Elizabeth Han, Dana Hymel, Karl Johnson, Kris Jong, Delphine Luboz, Gretchen Mokry, Alix Ogilvie, Jason Olson, Shogo Marukawa, Jennifer Mattson, Cameron Sinclair, Michael Steiner, Kate Stohr, Hiromi Tabei, Ana Vasconcellos, Gaurav Vashist, Mark Warren, T. Luke Young, Frederika Zipp  

2013 Field Staff and Design Fellows: Peter Arnts, Rolande Augustin, Jean Rosemond Azor, Rene Balan, Christian Beaulieu, Diego Collazos, Nathaniel Corum, Rogerio Costa, Carla Dal Mas, Gina Deogene, Natalie Desrosiers, Bridget Dodd, Nancy Doran, Serge Dorval, Henri Dupont, Elisa Engel, Kate Evarts, Brett Ferguson, Pablo Fernandez, Gina Fontes, Audrey Galo, Darren Gill, Burtland Granvil, Marc Henry, Matt Hughes, Garrett Jacobs, Chantel Jean, Gerald Jeanty, Alina Jeronimo, Stanley Joseph, Nathan Jones, Jackson Julien, Clifford Justin, Sven Kalim, Gabriel Kaprielian, Oliver Kienzi, Keshav Kumar, George Kinuthia, Jean-Rene Lafontant, Jean-Carmel Laneau, Carolina Libardi, Jimmy Lubin, Delphine Luboz, Unathi Mkonto, Themba Mekwa, Fleur Messer, Luvuyo Mfungula, Jean Moliere, Kuda Mutsonziwa, Toru Nakaki, Jacques Nixon, Sony Noel, Zsofia Marton, Ulrick Pierre, Alson Pierre Louis, Marie Fransonete Prussien, Ana Ramos, Gerry Reilly, Ana Reis, Alma Ruiz, Takaharu Saito, Kristen Schlott, Frederique Siegel, Stephany Sirius, Ken Smith, Laura Smits, Lisa Smyth, Preeti Sodhi, Olivia Stinson, Zac Taylor (-Mayville), Martine Theodore, Akinobu Yoshikawa  

Board of Directors: Matthew Charney, Clifford Curry (ex officio), Paul Gabie, Niama Jacobs (ex officio), Clark Manus, Scott Mattoon, Taylor Milsal (ex officio), Toshiko Mori, Cameron Sinclair, Narry Singh (ex officio), Margaret Gould Stewart and Kate Stohr

General Counsel: Steven R. Meier, Jenner and Block LLP 
Additional Support:
 Diana Bianchini, Di Moda Public Relations and Thao Nguyen, Creative Artists Agency

Volunteers: We'd especially like to thank all of the wonderful professionals who volunteered in the wake of disaster in the Midwest, the Philippines and in the wake of Hurricane Sandy; helped with Design Like You Give a Damn: LIVE!; and provided critical support to our many projects around the world and in our San Francisco office.

San Francisco:  Michelle Abela, Eleanor Beaton, Romain Bigaré, Mallory Botsford, Hannah Bowers, Michael Chang, Je'Nen Chastain, Alvina Chu, Anne-Gaelle Clais, Elisha Cohen, Laura Cole, Alexander Cross, Gustavo De Leon, Sara Dewey, Jonell Diekmeier, Alina Donchenko, Tyler Duncan, Nicholas Earle, Stephanie Easton, Jason Ennis, Miriam Fernandez Ruiz, Audrey Galo, Ayesha Ghosh, Li Guan, Isabel Hartley, Renee Hayden, Ramon Hernandez, Chanelle Hurst, Dana Hymel, Jane Irwin, Garrett Jacobs, Ma Jie, Kalina Kheirolomoom, Deborah Knuckey, Mari Krakenes, Carolina Libardi, Jeanne Liwanag, Allen Lowry, Karina Macias, Zsofia Marton, Angus McNaughton, Nancy Mei, Radha Muralidhara, Bisi Obateru, Yuko Okamura, Julie Pedtke, Beverly Pitzer, Camilla Popp, Orson Rosetto, Kristen Schlott, Chiara Sciotti, Muneeba Shariff Sutton, Ken Smith, Joana Torres, Michael Tran, Stefani Tufarelli, Mali Valenzuela, Fabiola Vargas, Johanne Vestergaard, Syd Wayman, Shawn Whitehorn, Tyler Wied, Cara Williams, Michael Wu   

Port-au-Prince: Jessica Andrejasich, Rich Bartholomew, Angela Bateson, Christian Beaulieu, Alan Budde, Michael Calkins (CAD-1), Greg Contente, Kristen Crandall, Susannah Dyen, Brett Ferguson, John Greene, Anne Hake, Nico Kubota, Matt Johnston, Claudia Juhre, Sven Kalim, Danica Kane, Alan Lowry, Katharine MacLean, Nazanin Mehregan, Dori Nguyen, Yves Paul, Marvine Pierre, Kristen Roys Salkas, Kaitlin Schalow, Tim Shek, Tommy Stewart, Stephen Sun, Angela Tabrizi, Jessie Towell, Radim Tkadlec, Tyler Wied, Josh Wilcox  

Tohoku: Ai Asada, Akane Sasaki, Aki Saito, Arisa Gounome, Aya Shimano, Ayaka Hanawa, Ayaka Suzuki, Ayako Enomoto, Haruna Ishikawa, Hitomi Chiba, Kyoko Abe, Manami Kaneko, Midori Tadano, Mika Segawa, Moe Tada, Naoto Chiba, Narumi Tokuda, Rumi Nakamura, Satomi Nakano, Yuka Komatsu, Yukari Nakagawa, Yuki Hachiya, Yuki Kikuchi, Yutaro Yuza, Hatsumi Hoshizawa;  Hidehiko Ishimori, Yasunobu Meguro, Yoshihiro Konno, Shiho Kito; Akihiro Kumagaya, Keiichiro Taniguchi, Ken Aoki, Kosuke Baba  

Africa / Football for Hope: Andrew McCreary; James Stewart; Brett Petzer  

Community Builders: Arup; Bezos Family Foundation; Bobby Chang; Clifford Curry; Dwell Media, LLC; Paul Gabie; Margaret Gould Stewart; The Harnisch Foundation; Hot Studio; Niama Jacobs; Jon Kamen; Michelle Kauffman; Scott Mattoon; Taylor Milsal; Damien Newman, Central; Narry Singh; Delight H. Stone; James Stuckey; Yutaka Takiura; Josh Wallach and Paula Wood; Jeff Wardell + Sagan Projekt; Works-in-Progress Fund of the Tides Foundation  

Architecture for Humanity's Community Builders are a small circle of strategic thinkers and doers who are committed to helping Architecture for Humanity grow. Community Builders have the opportunity to go on site visits and see the impact of our work first hand. You meet others who share your belief in the power of design. And like us, you learn by doing. Join us.

Architecture for Humanity makes every effort to ensure accuracy in donor and volunteer listings, but on occasion errors may occur. Please contact us at 415.963.3511 with any questions or comments.

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Montrouis School in Haiti opened in February